Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 8th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 8th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chadda stopping Dylan on his way and talking to him. Dylan asks why did he stop him. Chadda says damage control. Support me, I need you. Dylan asks why will I help you. Chaddan asks him to see whats in the envelope. Dylan checks the money and Aseem clicks their pics. Dylan shakes hands with Chadda and says he did not know he will be so fool so think he can get sold by money, he will not leave him. He throws the money on his face and leaves. Aseem smiles. Dylan leaves and Chadda sees Aseem smiling.

Dabbu waits for Dylan. Dylan comes to office and she waits to meet him. Naino ko pata hai…………..plays……….. She goes to meet him in his cabin. He says he is busy and will talk later. She says no, I m trying to talk since morning. She thanks him. He asks

why. She says for doing Chadda’s news on air at 9am, everyone wants to thank him. He says I will not lie, I did not air that news. He says he did not get approval from senior and he did not air, don’t know who has aired in morning, I m so angry with him, I m tired of explaining that I did not wish to air that feature, and she has come to thank him.

She says I felt you aired that news. He says she is mistaken, he did not air, they have more imp news, stop being touchy. She cries and says she felt he trusts her and will support her, he saved her from Chadda’s goon. He says he would have saved anyone, he can’t take risk from Chadda. She says she was mistaken about him, she felt he will support truth and will fight for justice. He asks her not to cry, be smart enough and go with the flow, now you know the truth, leave. She says thanks, I lost trust on journalism and humanity today. She says she got bouquet to thank him, and taunts him for opening her eyes. Ye mann karta hai………….plays………. She leaves and he gets upset. The chair turns and Mirchandani looks on. He says even he felt he has aired the news at 9am, he is proud of him, he knows he will not hurt their channel. He leaves. Dylan thinks sorry Dabbu, I can’t say the truth, this will be better for you. He thinks how he has aired the news and showed them that he is with them, he has to be here to expose corrupt people, he has to look bad to her. He sees the bouquet and smiles.

Aseem sees Dabbu crying. He smiles and thinks he will prove her hero as zero, be ready to bear this shock. He gets the pics. Dabbu thinks Dylan always helped her, and today he is saying this himself. Aseem says he wants to talk something imp and asks her to see the pics. She gets shocked seeing Dylan with Chadda shaking hands and receiving money.

Aseem acts sweet and says he saw her sad yesterday and he wanted to bring her out of her beliefs, he made his man follow Dylan, and Dylan met Chadda and took price from him, see the pics. She says what can I expect from him, she would have not believed this, but she has heard his truth from Dylan. Aseem gets puzzled. Dabbu says Dylan wants to keep his boss happy and he wants to fire the person who has aired the news. Aseem thinks why did Dylan not take the credit after airing the news and he should do drama now. Dabbu says she wants to know who is that person. Aseem asks why do you want to know. She asks did he air the news. Aseem goes out and she goes after him. She stops him and asks again. He says he can’t see her and her family sad, but please don’t tell this to anyone, you know seniors are already against this, he can lose his job, Vicky is already in loans, if he loses job, his home will be in problem. She cries and hugs him. He smiles and holds her.

Dabbu says I don’t know how to thank you, you helped me without caring for yourself, why. Aseem holds her hand and says I love you, I will always wish good for you even if you reject me, I can be your friend, I did not lose hope and know you will accept my love some day. He asks her will that day come. She gets worried. Dylan gets a call and the man tells him that Shimla’s pics have come, and asks him to choose few pics. Dylan checks the pics and sees Dabbu. Neend udjaye…………plays…………… He recalls her and gets sad. He says he can’t tell her the truth, else she will get in the problem, she does not know them, they are dangerous, it will be good if he becomes bad in her eyes, and maybe he can do anything good, the day she knows the truth, she will understand.

Dabbu tells Mamta and LN that Aseem wants to marry her, and even she does not have any objection. Aseem hugs Dabbu and smiles, signing Dylan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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