Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dylan scolding Dabbu. They recall having met earlier. She scolds him and calls him irresponsible. He asks did she get his car to come infront, why did she come on road and will she think now. She gets up and shows the small puppy, saying he was hitting the puppy. She says he has blamed me, he is blind, everyone see him. He says mind your language. She sees his finger with voting sign, and scolds him. She says there are some rules. He says he was lost in her speech, is this his mistake that the puppy came infront of his car. She says Moti is hurt, lets take him to doctor. He says before I get tears, I will go. She says give money for his treatment, else I will get everyone and protest. He says so its all about money.

Shastri ji comes and drinks tea. LN gets

angry seeing him. Sahstri worries. Mamta asks him to have almonds. Shastri ji says no, enough, I had 4. LN says you had 9, have more, who is counting. Mamta signs LN to be quiet. Shastri asks for halwa, he is getting good smell. She says I made for puja, I will get it, as you are pandit. She goes and brings for him. Binny comes calling Dabbu. She asks for Dabbu. Mamta says she went to market to get puja items. Binny says I have a good news for him, let her come, I will tell her. Eshu and Anji count down that she will not wait and tell them.

Binny says Aseem came in fashion show and he thought to give job to Dabbu in his channel. LN asks Shastri to see. Binny says job is final, there will be small test. LN asks why did Aseem not call her before. Binny says Dabbu said no one will recommend her, ask Anji, we asked her and she refused, and now Aseem called her on his own. Shastri says see, I just took puja name and Dabbu got the job call. Mamta thanks him. LN holds his head. Binny says atlast my inlaws came in use. Shastri goes.

Dylan says see this girl wants money, she wants to earn. He gives her much money and asks her to have puppy and her treatment also. Dabbu gives the money to the kids, and says rest of money to my NGO. He asks her to just leave now. He sees the puppy sitting on his car and says what is this thing doing on my car. The puppy brings dirt on car. Dabbu says its good. Dylan says very funny. Dabbu laughs on him. He says he did not have time, else he would have taught her a lesson. She asks puppy to come and takes it.

Dylan leaves and Dabbu gets glad. She hugs the puppy and smiles. Chandu gets the call and puts phone on speaker. Pappi Lee gets very angry on her and asks how dare she talk to him like this, she has done fraud with her, do you work for me or that exposing news channel, and now she will not get work in any fashion house. Chandu says I don’t understand anything. He asks her see watch tv and she will know. She cries. He fires her from job and ends the call.

They all get sad. She plays the news and they see Dylan Shekhawat, making Chandu tell the truth. Chandu innocently tells about Pappi Lee that he makes 100 of a 1, and they take it in wrong way. They show the sting operation. Chandu says I did not say in this way, I respect Sir a lot, they have done this and ruined my career, job, name. LN says we will not leave this channel. Eshu calls Anji and asks her to come soon. Dabbu comes home and consoles Chandu. She sees Dylan on news channel and recalls him.

Dylan is given much appreciation in his office and they call him a hero. They all clap. Dylan says thanks, we are not hero, but simple reporters. Dabbu comes there and says he is not hero, but a villain. She says he should be ashamed, not be proud. He says did she come following him, they are having a meeting, its not a college hangout, its his office. He says she can’t drag the puppy story, she does not know who I m. She says I know you well and insults him. He says excuse me lady. She says I won’t, how dare you show a wrong story, anyone’s career can be ruined. He says my story can’t be wrong, I have seen that fashion house using children and making clothes by their hardwork. She says you misused my sister’s interview, she is crying because of you.

He says I just know the one supporting criminals is also a criminal. She says my sister is not a criminal. His boss asks her to go, they will do the enquiry on the report. Dabbu asks him to kick out Dylan. Dylan says thanks for advice. Dabbu leaves. Dylan sees the interview Chandu gave and how they changed it. He asks his staff lady whats this, it means that mad lady was saying right, who did this editing. The lady says so what, you are behaving like we never did this before. He says its no use to talk to you, this is a big deal, that lady was not wrong, its our wrong editing, and an innocent girl is blamed, why did you not ask me before. The lady says I called you, you did not take my call. He recalls her calling her when he was busy arguing with Dabbu on road. He thinks about Dabbu and says I have to apologize.

Mamta tells Dabbu that Shastri gave an easy solution for her. Dabbu says she was audition today and goes for it. She recalls Mamta’s words.

Update Credit to: Amena

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