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The Episode starts with Rajveer bringing Chandi to give a surprise. She says she does not like surprises. He gives her a dress. She likes it and says she did not design this, did he hire any designer. He says he bought from showroom. She says she designed all dresses for Mandy. He says this is for you, wear this and come. She asks now, its ethnic dress, don’t know will it suit me or not. He says everything suits you. She looks at him. He says everyone says so, wear this and come soon, I m waiting. He leaves. She smiles.

Dabbu and Mirchandani come to meet Dylan in his cabin. Dabbu asks Mirchandani why did he get him here. Mirchanani says this matter will solve here. He asks Dylan to give his responsibility to Dabbu, he does not want any miscommunication or his channel to get

disturbed. Dylan nods. Mirchandani leaves. Dylan gives the files and says the details to Dabbu. She says she will not accept these duties, if fate does not have their union, its fine, but I don’t want to become reason for your failure. He says I m the reason, I m hurting you and myself, its good I leave, take these files. He keeps the files there and leaves. Yakeen tha mujhko tujhpe…………..plays………….. She cries.

Mamta asks Binny about Chandi. Rajveer and everyone see Chandi coming in the ethnic dress. They get surprised. Rajveer smiles and says you are looking great, come, we will pray. She gets the dupatta over her head and he smiles. She prays for her sisters. She asks will he not ask for anything. He says we have everything, I just said you get what you want. She smiles.

Mamta asks Chandi how did she get this dress. Chandi says Rajveer gifted me. Binny says she looks good in every dress, and just sarees suit me. Chandi says I felt our old Binny is back. Dabbu talks to Anji. Anji asks Dabbu to say yes, its good for you, you will know about married life with Dylan, whats the problem, think of this as film’s trailer, you will know about compatibility, you will know his likes, dislikes, live in does not mean sleeping together, it means living together.

She says many people are in live in relationships, we know you won’t cross the limits. Dabbu says but society… Anji asks will she sacrifice her love for the fear of society. Dabbu says you are right, I can’t lose Dylan, thanks Anji, I will rush and talk to him. A lady and comes Rajveer about Chandi, is she his friend. Rajveer says yes, she is my friend. The lady says you set her marriage with Parminder, I liked her. Mamta gets LN’s call and goes. Eshu tells Chandi that guy is seeing her. Chandi says not bad.

Rajveer’s mum praises Chandi and goes. The lady asks Rajveer about Chandi. Rajveer says she drinks wine, and says against Chandi to break Chandi’s alliance with Parminder. The lady refuses to get her son married to Chandi. He gets glad and turns. He sees Chandi hearing him. Chandi says you said right, I will not leave you. He says I was helping you, you are annoyed, whats this. She asks what help. He says the lady was trying to make you bahu, and shows Parminder. Chandi says that one, I also like him a lot, he is cute, you spoiled everything, don’t talk to me. He gets shocked. She leaves.

Dabbu runs to Dylan’s cabin and asks peon about him. The peon says he left for airport just now, he would be in lift. She runs to stop Dylan. She waits for lift and runs by stairs. Dylan sees her pic and leaves. Dabbu calls him out and asks Puneet to help her. She asks him to follow Dylan’s car and thanks him. She thinks she has to stop Dylan and calls him. He does not answer her call. She keeps calling. Dylan’s car stops at the signal. She says she will go and stop Dylan, and gets down the car. She runs to Dylan’s car and signal turns green. She comes infront of his car. Dylan gets shocked seeing her.

He gets down the car and asks what is she doing here. She asks how can he go like this, and tears his ticket. She says she will not let him go, they can talk and solve the problem, but leaving like this is not a solution. He says he has no solution, he has hurt her a lot. She says then explain and convince me about live in relationship, but don’t leave me like this. He says wait, you mean to say that you will stay with me, without marriage. She says I love you a lot, I don’t want to lose you, I m ready to stay with you, lets have a live in. He smiles.

They have a talk that they have to face things together. He says you are right. She says I m ready to try out your suggested idea, as I want to spend my life with you, I think you also want this. He hugs her. She says good news is we will stay for a month. He asks whats bad news? She says bad news is if you are not ready to commit after a month, we have to get separated.

Chandi scolds Dylan and asks what is he doing here. Dylan says we both decided to live in to save our relation. Dabbu says I agreed, as I want to see my love succeed, you help me. Chandi says no, I won’t, and see even Eshu won’t agree. Dylan goes to Eshu’s football court to convince her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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