Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 7th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Dylan’s love confession being Dabbu’s imagination. He says he wanted to say that Thakur Girls rock and they are very brave. Dabbu thanks him and says he is also brave. Chandi says lets end this admiration class, and they all leave. Dabbu smiles and says bye Sir. She starts leaving and stops. Dylan smiles. Neend ud jaaye…………..plays………. Dylan says your family went. She says right, bye and goes. Mamta and Phool see the news of LN and her daughters exposing Chadda and getting him arrested. She says so this was the thing, so they all went by excuse. She smiles.

LN and everyone come home. She says she has come to know everything, he left her alone, no one told her anything. LN says she was unwell, else they would have taken her. It was surprise gift.

Dabbu says we will see romantic movie. The sisters tease Dabbu that she will see Dylan in Raj’s place. They say he is her hero, he saved her many times. Chandi says she has seen love in Dylan’s love and they make Dabbu admit it that she loves Dylan. Dabby accepts that she loves Dylan.

Dylan is on the way and plays radio. He hears RJ saying about rain, romance and love. He says he has some love formulae. A man says he loves a girl, he feels she also loves him, but he has no courage to tell her. Dylan says same to same buddy, I understand your problem. Dabbu says I know I love Dylan, I don’t know what he feels, I feel he loves me and sometimes not, if he did all this for humanity then.. Anji says I know Dylan loves you. Eshu says if they both love each other, why to delay. The girls asks Dabbu not to make late and confess love to Dylan. Dabbu refuses. Anju says no, Dabbu won’t confess, he has to confess. Chandi says why to wait for his confession. Binny says do what your heart says.

Dabbu smiles and says fine, I will confess my love to him in office tomorrow morning. They all smile and tickle her. Dylan hears Rj saying its imp to express love, girls like everything about romance, give a gift to show your love. Dylan says perfect, cute gift and letter. Anant calls Anji and asks her to come to his office, he has to share an imp news. She says fine, coming. She tells the girls that Anant called me at office to give an interesting news, bye. She leaves.

Chandi says see she was saying not to take first step, and how she went when Anant called. Binny looks for Monu and sees her sad. Monu says she is missing dad, when will they go her home. Binny says we are fine here and I m with you. Monu says dad did not come to meet me. Binny asks her to sleep, we will go to mall tomorrow and play games, happy now. She hugs Monu and cries. Mamta sees this and gets sad.

She goes to LN and cries saying about Binny, she got cheated by Vicky and got broken now. He says we have to talk to Binny, she will be shocked to know her husband has try to loot her dad, we will try to know whats in her heart and make her problems easy. Dabbu prepares to confess love to Dylan and rehearses infront of the mirror. Chandi and Eshu look on and laugh. Dabbu says I love you Dylan Sir. They come to Dabbu and clap for her. Chandi says they are appreciating her way to confess. Eshu asks her to do it with style. Dabbu says fine, I understood.

She says I got late, I will go bye. She leaves. Dylan goes to get a gift for Dabbu. He sees a book of world’s greatest love stories and says this is perfect. He writes note in it, dearest Debjani, these stories are of immortal love, I m sure we want to become one now. A man argues for the discount and Dylan says he is getting late, pack it soon. The man returns the women’s guide and wrong book gets packed for Dylan. He is busy on call and gets the packed book. He thinks he will tell his feelings to Dabbu today and smiles.

Dylan brings bouquet and the gift, and keeps on Dabbu’s desk. He smiles seeing her. She looks at him and he turns. She smiles seeing the roses. Neend ud jaaye……… plays…… She gets stunned seeing the women’s guide book. Dylan waits for her reaction.

Update Credit to: Amena

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