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The Episode starts with Binny suggesting dishes to make in lunch. Chandi and Eshu suggest international cuisine. Mamta says Anji’s guests are coming from abroad, they will like Indian food. They request Binny to make Chinese dishes. Binny agrees. Mamta asks them to get the items. They refuse. Dabbu greets them and asks why are they ready. Chandi tells about the guests. Dabbu says she will take off today and go with Chandi to the grocery store.

Dylan waits for Dabbu in the office and tries calling her. Dimple says Dabbu mailed that she took leave, she thought Dabbu has informed him. Dylan says why did she take off today, and checks her mail. Chandi says she is excited to meet the rich guy. She sees a good shop and says shopping is the best thing. Chandi likes a bag and the guy shows

her. Another guy asks him to show him too. Chandi gets angry. Dabbu smiles and asks Chandi to shop with him, she will shop for scarves.

Chandi scolds the man for teasing her. He says I m showing the salesman, not you. He goes after her and asks the man to show this one to him. Chandi says she is going. The man says sorry, actually I want a designer purse for my mum, I want women’s choice, so I was choosing what you were seeing, women have so much choice problems. She says she has to go. He stops her and asks her to choose a purse for him. Dabbu smiles and asks her to help. Chandi agrees. Dabbu laughs.

Chandi likes a random purse and gives him. He thanks her. She leaves her bag there and goes with Dabbu. They see the salesman asking the man is he sure to buy this, this purse is worth 30000rs. The man says does card does not work here. Chandi says Lord gives money to such people too, lets leave. Dylan calls Dabbu and she disconnects. Chandi says we will have coffee. Dabbu says mum is waiting. Chandi says we will go in sometime.

A man is with Sunaina in the coffee shop. He blackmails her for her past and asks for money. Dabbu and Chandi order coffee. The man threatens Sunaina about Dylan. She says I loved you, you are so cheap. He says love has trust and honesty, the man is in jail because of your love. She says she will pay him. He says he will tell everyone that happened. Dabbu hears them and sees Sunaina there. Sunaina says we won’t meet in public place again and leaves. Dabbu tells Chandi that Sunaina is Dylan’s fiancée and why did she leave seeing her.

Chandi and Dabbu come home and Binny says the items are not here. Chandi and Dabbu recall leaving it at shop and ask each other. Binny says what will I make now. Chandi says she will find out. The shop guy come there and Chandi and Dabbu scold him. The man says she forgot the items there and I got the address, so I got it. Mamta says thanks for bringing it. He says he got this for him too, as she will cook it and he will eat it. Mamta asks do we have to give food. He says he is Rajveer Oberoi, he had address and saw same address here, so he has come. Mamta and girls are shocked. Mamta welcomes him and asks about his family.

He says I came to give items first, my mum takes time to get ready, she will come. Mamta asks Binny when will you cook. Binny says don’t worry. Rajveer asks Dabbu about her health. Chandi says he is becoming goody. Dabbu thinks to help Mamta and Binny and excuses herself. Eshu gets a call and goes talking. Chandi thinks they all left her alone with him. Dimple calls Dabbu and asks her to come office, Dylan wants an imp file. Dabbu says I mailed for a leave. Dimple says this is very urgent. Dabbu thinks she knows Dylan is doing this. Dimple says she may love job if she does not come. Dabbu refuses to go. LN hears her and Dabbu tells him that Dylan called me for some work. He asks her to go, as it may be really urgent.

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