Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dylan talking to Pappi Lee and joking on his name.l Mamta praises Debjani infront of Veer. Debjani hears Dylan and says what a disgusting joke. Pappi goes. Dylan asks the lady to go. She says she will just come and flirts. LN asks Mamta what was she saying to Sushma, he knows whats in her heart. Mamta says how will people know Debjani, how will they know we have two daughters eligible for marriage. She says she worries for them and father does not think they have grown up. Dylan records Pappi and man’s conversation and sends the feeds.

Debjani gets her friend’s call and she tells that Rani has given birth to four kids, and Dabbu talks to that dog. She laughs and says congrats. Dylan talks to his staff and thinks this is the room where the lady called him.

He goes to see and power goes. He comes to Dabbu and shuts her mouth. She slaps him and the power comes. He says I thought its someone else. She says no need to make reasons, I know guys like you. He cleans his hand that he touched her and scolds her.

Dabbu gets angry and she leaves. Dabbu opens the door and the lady host Preeti falls. Chandu comes and asks is she ok. Preeti says this giorl banged me by the door and shows her nose bleeding. Chandu sees Dabbu. Dabbu gets tensed. Mamta talks to Sushma and Veer and ask did they like her daughter. Mamta tells about Debjanu and Sushma says she wants to meet Chandu. Mamta says fine and gets sad.

Pappi Lee gets angry and Dabbu admits she did this, by mistake. He says you created this problem and you will solve it. He says its just 5mins for the show start. Dabbu reads the script of hosting and thinks seeing the dress.

Mamta tells LN what Sushma said and they look interested in Chandu. LN asks her not to worry for Dabbu. Mamta says she has taken a decision. Binny comes and says she came late. Her friends greets everyone. Binny joins her sisters. Anji asks why did she come so late. Binny says she was ready, but Aseem wanted to come and he picked me, so we got late. Eshu says brother in law should be like Aseem and laughs. The show starts and everyone get surprised to hear Dabbu hosting the show.

Dabbu welcomes all the guests and looks gorgeous. Aseem stops and sees her. Dabbu tells about the new age bride show by Pappi Lee, and tells about the best moment for a girl, when she becomes a bride. Dabbu stands in darkness and her face is not seen, though her family thinks how can Dabbu be the host. The light comes on stage and Dabbu’s face comes in highlight. They all smile seeing Dabbu. Sushma and Veer see a change in Dabbu. Aseem smiles.

Dabbu tells about the famous designer Pappi Lee, who has brought the bride’s emotions and excitement in his designes. Mamta tells Sushma that she is Debjani. Sushma nods. Everyone clap for Dabbu. Dabb says lets start the show with a bang. The models come and present the bridal collection. Fashion ka jalwa…………..plays………….. Dabbu says to make a difference today, Mr Pappi Lee is going to present his assistant designer’s dress, made by Chandralekha Thakur, which is also the show stopper dress. Everyone clap. Dabbu welcomes her on the stage and Chandu walks with the models. Veer smiles seeing her. Dabbu calls upon Pappi Lee on stage. Pappi comes and thanks everyone. Chandu hugs Dabbu. Dabbu gets glad to do something good and save the show.

Its morning, Mamta asks Eshu not to play tennis with the spoon. Eshu asks why did she ask her to cook halwa. She says I m born to play tennis. Mamta asks her to cook it and goes. Dabbu comes and Eshu says mum wants to teach me to cook. Dabbu smiles and asks does she has tennis practice now, else help mom, its good thing to learn cooking, we became independent by this. Mamta asks Dabbu to get puja items from market and gives money and list. LN sees its very long and says such short, how much is Shastri charging. Mamta sends Dabbu and says she is using her savings, she will do all setting for all daighter’s marriage. He laughs and says yes you can do this.

Mamta thinks about Sushma liking Chandu. She says where did Chandu go and goes to her room to talk to her. Chandu says she is waiting for her interview on tv, she will get publicity and get more work. Mamta says it will come. Chandu says you just think about marriage. Dylan is on the way and drives. Dabbu buys all the items and talks on phone. Dylan says he is coming office and Dabbu sees the speeding car, and says some rich guy speeding the car. She runs towards it seeing the car hitting some animal. Dylan stops the car and asks is she fine,if she comes before his car and act of accident, he will not give money, everyone saw she came intentionally, so just move. She sees him and recalls the last meeting.

Pappi Lee scolds Chandu and says you did fraud with me, you won’t work for any fashion company now. Dylan is called a hero in his company. Dabbu comes and calls him a villain. He looks at her stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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