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The Episode starts with Shekhawat asking Dylan to stay with Dabbu at his home after marriage. He says he wants Dabbu’s grahpravesh in his home. Dylan says yes, we will always stay with you, I will never leave you. Shekhawat thanks him and asks Juliet will she forgive him and come back to stay with him with their children. She smiles. Bhu Devi tries making Mamta against the marriage, and says all problems are coming as per pandit’s words. She says this time Dylan’s dad came in front, this can’t happen every time. She asks her to take any solid step and break this marriage. Mamta gets shocked.

Kajal comes to meet Shekhawat. Rajveer comes there and asks Chandi about uncle. Chandi says uncle is our of danger, what about that man. He says he is arrested. She asks who was that

man. He says his name was Aseem. She gets shocked. He asks what happened. She says Aseem… he is Vicky’s brother, he was going to get engaged to Dabbu, but Dylan saved her. He asks her not to worry, everything will be fine. They get shocked seeing Kajal there. Bhu Devi asks can Mamta see Dabbu widow in young life. Mamta says no, but how to stop all guests and relatives. Bhu Devi says call them and stop, Dabbu will agree as its about Dylan’s life.

Mamta says no, I can’t do this mistake again, Dabbu and Dylan can’t live without each other. Bhu Devi asks her to ruin Dabbu’s life, as her inlaws will blame her if anything happens.

Kajal hugs Shekhawat and cries. Shekhawat introduces Kajal as his daughter to Juliet and Dylan. Juliet blesses Kajal and says I met you for the first time in such situation, this is Debjani, Dylan’s to be wife. Kajal says I m so happy to get many relations in one time. Mamta says Dylan can’t do this, he loves Dabbu a lot. Bhu Devi says Dylan was quiet as it was about his dad, if it was his mum and brother, he will change, world will taunt you if Dabbu comes back after marriage. Mamta asks her to stop it. Bhu Devi asks her to stop this marriage.

LN comes there and shouts at Bhu Devi asking her to get out of this house. He calls her a bad omen for them, their peace went by her bad mentality. He asks Mamta not to get in Bhu Devi’s words and go to her room. Mamta cries and leaves. LN asns Bhu Devi to get out. Bhu Devi asks how will he get out Dabbu’s dosh and leaves. Juliet says its Dylan and Dabbu’s marriage tomorrow and invites Kajal. Kajal says I will come, how could I miss my brother’s marriage. Rajveer holds Chandi’s hand. Kajal gives them a look. Dabbu finds Chandi worried.

Dabbu goes to ask Chandi. Chandi denies the matter. Dabbu asks her to say what happened. Chandi says I was tired. Dabbu asks her to inform dad that they are coming back home soon. Mamta recalls LN’s words. She recalls Dylan and Dabbu and cries. Binny comes to her. Mamta asks Binny to convince LN for stopping this marriage and says she can’t ruin Dabbu’s life knowing everything. Binny agrees to her and goes. Chandi asks Rajveer whats all this. Rajveer says I m shocked knowing Kajal is Shekhawat’s daughter, I did not meet her family ever, trust me. They worry that Kajal can tell everyone that she is his wife. He asks Chandi not to worry.

LN talks to Chandi and ends call. He tells Binny that Shekhawat is fine. Binny asks him to talk to Mamta. They talk about Dylan and Vicky, there is big difference. She asks him not to believe in kundli and asks why did he get weak, She left her inlaws as she knew her he is her strength, and asks him to manage Mamta. He agrees.

Rajveer asks Kajal whats this drama. Kajal says Shekhawat is my dad. He says I know you are doing this as you know Chandi is Dabbu’s sister, don’t create scene here. She says its not my plan, I came to know Dylan is my brother today itself. She says I won’t tell anyone I m your wife and will go away from your and Chandi’s life. He leaves and she smiles thinking he can’t free from her, its more tough for Rajveer now. She leaves. Dylan looks on shocked.

Bhu Devi brings pandit for shanti havan. Mamta says there is no dosh in Dabbu, I respect Shastra but not more than my daughter’s happiness.

Update Credit to: Amena

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