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The Episode starts with Binny asking Chadda to forgive Vicky. He asks what about the money Vicky too. She says this evidence is costly, LN would have sent him to jail by this. He laughs and says on this basis. He says LN is judge, but he can’t do anything against me, no one has evidence against me, no one can harm me, you don’t know what did I do. She says this is big crime, he can get trapped. He says is this big crime, I have killed many people and tells her what all he did, illegal things and how Mehra died because of him. She gets shocked. He says all his crimes till date.

She smiles seeing it all getting recorded. She recalls how she has scolded Vicky on phone and asked him not to fool her more. She says she is happy without him, and not call her again. The family hears this

and get shocked. Binny says she is fine, and asks about the plan. Dabbu says how will we reach Chadda. Binny says she has an idea. Binny smiles and the girls get the live feed of the camera in clock. They get proud of Binny. They recall LN saying that Chadda will show he is a big criminal and she has to hurt his ego to make him tell about his wrong things. Dabbu says you send me direct feeds to office, be alert, its dangerous, we can get Chadda punished.

Anju sends mail to Dabbu and they smile. She calls Dabbu and Dabbu says she got the footage. Anju says make it on air. Dabbu tells Dylan to see, and he gets the file. He asks the staff to run it on air. They recall that its perfect plan, but this office is Anant’s, will he not have any problem. Dabbu says no, its on his mum’s name. Dylan says fine, I will do sting operation on Chadda. Dylan and Dabbu get ready to present the news. She says you were going to report. He says this is your victory, I want you to present this with me. Ye mann karta tha…………..plays……………

He makes her wear the mic. They bring the breaking news of exposing Chadda. He says everyone will get justice, who were troubled by this man. Dabbu calls LN and says we are on live. LN says I m with commissioner in his office. He asks him to see TV, there is special news for him. They see the news of Dabbu exposing Chadda. He gets shocked. LN recalls Dabbu saying Dylan will expose Chadda. LN says I will be with commissioner, he told me he tried to arrest Chadda, but he did not have proof.

They get Chadda saying his crimes. The commissioner says he will send Chadda and the corrupt officers too, he wanted proof against him and one sting operation did this possible. He thanks him and says you did your work, let me do my work now.

Chadda says if he was honest like LN, he would have not earned this, but don’t worry, Vicky is not honest and will go ahead. His goon calls him and asks him to see tv, its his sting operation. Chadda gets shocked and looks around. The man says whatever he told is telecast, police can come anytime. Chadda says sting operation, and looks at Binny. He checks for cameras. Binny smiles. He breaks the clock and screams angrily. She says what will you get breaking camera, you told what you had to, everyone heard you, you are thief and will always be thief, you will go to jail, you can’t become like my dad, my dad is respectable, and scolds him.

He says you framed me, I will not leave you. He aims gun at her and says he will kill Thakur family. Dylan comes there and raises hand to beat him. Chandi stops him saying they will deal with him. Dylan says all the best Chadda and goes. They all beat Chadda. Dylan says you deserve this. Chadda aims gun at them, and Dylan takes it. LN brings police there. Chadda gets arrested. LN says he got police force, he is seeing here that his daughters are enough to beat him. Dylan says they are enough for any bad people. Chadda says his lawyer will not leave them.

The commissioner says well done, you girls made your parents proud. They all hug LN. Chandi says Binny did great acting. Anji says I m impressed. LN asks Dylan to come, as he is also a member of his team. Dylan says no, I m fine. Chandi takes Dylan. Dylan says I m happy as you all look happy. He says he wants to talk to Dabbu and takes her to side. They all look at them. Dylan says I want to speak my heart out today, I can’t hide it more, that I love you a lot. He holds her hand and confesses love. He kisses her hand. They all smile. Dylan says I love you so much. Neend ud jaye………plays……….. Dabbu can’t believe this. She smiles and says even I love you a lot Sir.

The sisters tease Dabbu. Mamta says Lord saved Dabbu’s life from ruining, and why is Binny get punished. Chandi asks Dabbu not to get late and confess love to Dylan. Dabbu agrees saying she will confess love tomorrow in morning. The sisters get happy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow wow sweet epi. ? tanx for super fast update amena di ❤ u ?

  2. Confession hogaya or dream. @precap debjani saying I ll tell my dil Ki Baath 2mrw to Dylan. Lil confusing confession happened or not 😐 .

  3. May be it’s dream I think
    But today episode was just awesome
    Tomorrow it will be interesting just waiting
    This serial is very good one hope they would have chosen some other channel than And tv. Because there are very less viewers for and tv

  4. Thanks Amena can’t wait to watch rocking episode.

  5. True I wish Ki yeh serial zeetv Mein telecast Ho. I’m telling this from very long but no one will hearing. 🙁

  6. Oho confession is dream 🙁 . But I like it he proposed dabbu infront of her family. Such a cute scene it was. Thakur sisters rockzzzz. ?

  7. lovely…

  8. At long last it happened, I like it.

  9. Bestest episode ever???????????

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed it! 🙂

  11. Hmmmm…i think dabbu is dreamin..nd moreover i don’t want Dem to confess soo fast……..??

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