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The Episode starts with Dabbu getting sad. She sees Dylan’s cabin and faints. Mamta says Dabbu….. and senses Dabbu is not well. Chandi comes and hugs Mamta. Mamta says she had bad dream, she called at office, Dabbu ended the call, what would she say if she takes the call, it happened bad. Chandi says Binny told me, I m shocked, how can Dylan do this. Chandi says Dabbu is strong and pacifies Mamta. Dylan comes to Sunaina. She asks did he come running for this file, so he was mad to know her past. He says fine, now you know it.

She says OCD, its so obvious, you have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. So you want to know all details of everything, as your subordinate has marked everything in detail. Dylan is shocked seeing another file. She says this should be consulted to doctor, you

are restless to know my past as you have habit to get details. He says right, can I see the file. She says he did not show this desperation for her. He says you don’t know what you are for me.

He says his life starts and ends on her. She hugs him. He thinks its good she did not know, but where is that file. Dabbu comes home with the file. Chandi and Mamta talk to her and Mamta takes her bag and file. Dabbu says she will have shower and come, she is tired. Mamta says fine, come soon, I made your fav dish, we will dine together. LN calls Mamta and she keeps file with Binny’s files. Binny gets the file and sees kids fighting. She thinks to check files in morning, and keeps files in LN’s room. She says dad will check the files and leaves.

Dabbu cries and consoles herself. She stands under the shower and recalls Dylan. She recalls Sunaina and Dylan, and cries. She says I want to forget Dylan. Dylan comes home and tells Juliet that Sunaina did not have that file, but where did it go. She asks how can be so careless. He says I can’t do anything, I m fed up. He apologizes to her. He goes to freshen up. She says when Dabbu knows this, she will love and respect you again, one day this will happen, everything will be fine. She cries.

LN comes to his room and sees the files. He says Binny has done great work. She says Dabbu and Binny work so well and suffering. He says they are strong, we are proud. He says he will see few files, as Binny has worked and will ask for my feedback in morning. She says fine, I will make coffee and will allow for one hour. LN gets Dylan’s file and Mamta calls him saying its Anji’s call. She says fine, we will invite Raj Singh Oberoi. LN comes and Anji ends the call. She tells about inviting Raj. Mamta says Anji was worried for Dabbu, she asked me to invite Raj and his family for dinner. He asks her to call them for lunch. She agrees.

Dylan meets Sanghvi and says he lost the file. Sanghvi says their hard work will be ruined, just think what happened when he read the file last time. He recalls Dabbu coming in the cabin and bringing a file, it means the file got swapped, and Dabbu has it, it will be safe with her, I trust her, I can’t call her at this time, its late, I will talk to her in morning. He thinks if she reads the file, she will know the truth.

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