Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 6th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dabbu wishing a guy comes falls from the sky. Dylan falls from the roof and she falls too. They see each other. He leaves. Dabbu tells her sisters that the guy fell on him. Eshu asks how was he, goodlooking? Dabbu says no, he was rude, he did not even say sorry. They ask was he AC mechanic. Dabbu says no and shouts seeing Chandu’s dress ruined. They ask what happened now. Dabbu says she will call later and ends the call. Dabbu worries and says Chandu will not leave me, what did I do. She recalls how the guy’s fall spoiled the dress.

The neighbor aunty and her son come in the fashion show. The guard stops them. She shows the passes and goes. Everyone get ready to go for the fashion show. The girls tell Mamta that she is looking good. LN comes and compliments

Mamta. She gets shy and leaves. Dylan tells his staff that he fell and goes to find some proof. He sees some people making children work. Dylan records it.

He says they make cheap clothes and sell by own brand label in thousands. He says I will not leave Pappi and expose him. Dabbu calls Eshu and asks where are they. Its emergency. Eshu says we are at home, Anji is getting ready, she will take time, and what did she do. Dabbu says sauce fell on Chandu’s show stopper dress. Eshu says great, how. Dabbu asks her to say how to clean it. Eshu says use soda. Dabbu tries to clean and puts soda juice. She says it got orange. Eshu asks how. Dabbu says soda was orange. Eshu says I said plain soda, it was understood. She tells other things to do. Dabbu tries everything.

The dress becomes more horrible. The family reaches the venue and LN says he is proud of Chandu. Mamta says we will get good marriage proposals for Chandu after this show. They all get seated. Dylan meets a lady and says he was just passing, what is she doing here. She says she is the host and hugs him. He asks about Pappi and she says she will make him meet. Mamta meets the neighbor aunty and says our seats are at back, this is VIP seating. She says LN will not use his post and takes her. The lady taunts Anji for not having kids and Anji gets hurt. Eshu answers her and says Binny has two kids and even she is slim waisted, we have beauty with brains.

Anji smiles. Chandu comes and sees her dress torn and damaged. She shouts seeing it. She scolds Dabbu. Dabbu tells everything. Chandu falls and Dabbu say sorry. Pappi comes there and asks whats going on. He sees the dress losing a outer clothline and likes the dress. Chandu says what happened here. Dabbu says your dress is selected for show. LN meets a minister and asks how did he come. He says he came for his daughter. Mamta introduces her family. He says his wife Sushma is here and introduces her. Mamta asks is he your son. Sushma says yes Veer. Mamta imagines him perfect groom for Dabbu and asks where was he till now.

She says she did not see Veer last time. Sushma says he was doing MBA in US, and now thinking to do business or politics, we have everything. Dabbu says sorry to Chandu. Chandu says but both sleeves of the dress were torn. Dabbu comes and Mamta introduces her to Veer. They say Chandu’s dress is selected. Mamta says this is Dejbani, she has interest in media, she read weather report on news channel. She does what she wants and Veer talks to her. The sisters hug Chandu. Sushma looks on. Mamta introduces Veer. Veer smiles seeing Chandu. Even Sushma likes her. Mamta sees them looking at Chandu and worries for Dabbu. She tells about Dabbu and says she is very talented. Mamta thinks they are seeing Chandi, not Dabbu, don’t know when will he stars get good.

Dabbu slaps Dylan and her model falls by her mistake. Pappi asks Dabbu to solve the problem she created and the show will start in 5 mins.

Update Credit to: Amena

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