Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 5th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 5th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aseem aiming at Dylan. Eshu says that was rocking performance, we will move on to the next one. Aseem does not get right aim. LN and Mamta dance with the daughters on the song Piya ke ghar…………. They all get emotional and dance with Dabbu. They all happily dance and hug. Aseem serves drink to Malik. Eshu calls Dabbu and Dylan for the dance. Dabbu dances on Bole Chudiyaan………… Everyone smile. Aseem tries to get right aim at Dylan. They all dance together around Dabbu and Dylan.

Dylan lifts Dabbu and they have an eyelock. Everyone clap. Aseem shoots and Shekhawat comes infront of Dylan to save him. Everyone get shocked seeing this. Dylan sees the man running and asks them to catch him. Abhimanyu asks his dad to get up. Dylan asks them to call

ambulance. Malik and Rajvee run to catch Aseem. They beat up Aseem.

Shekhawat is rushed to hospital. Dabbu pacifies Juliet. Abhimanyu says we have to be strong at this point. Dabbu goes to Dylan. Chandi makes Juliet sit. Dabbu asks Dylan to be strong. Dylan says everyone told me a father can’t hate his son, his anger had love, I did not agree to them, I used to say my dad hates me, I did not think I have hurt dad’s heart, my behavior has hurt him, what he went through, today he has saved my life. She says your dad will be fine. Dylan says I felt he does not love me, I was so wrong, he loved me more than his life, if anything happens to him, I can’t forgive myself. She consoles him.

Bhu Devi tries brainwashing Mamta about Dylan. Mamta says Lord saved Dylan. The police comes to arrest Aseem. Juliet asks doctor about Shekhawat. The doctor says he is our of danger, we removed the bullet, you can meet them. Dylan goes to meet his dad. Shekhawat asks Dylan to come near him. Dylan hugs his dad and cries apologizing to him. Shekhawat gets touched as Dylan calls him dad and hugs him.

Shekhawat apologizes to him, and says I could not become a good father and husband in my ego, but I was never happy being away from you and your mum, I would have not realized this if Dabbu did not come to meet me. Dylan asks Debjani? Shekhawat says yes, your choice is one in a million, she is very nice girl, don’t leave her. Dylan touches his feet. Shekhawat asks what is he doing. Dylan says I m dying to take your blessings. Shekhawat says I was away but my blessings were always with you, I missed you two a lot. Dylan says I was so wrong, I won’t be able to forgive myself, I will ask doctor about taking you home, take rest, I will stay with you. Shekhawat asks him not to postpone his marriage, its tomorrow. Dylan says I have to stay here. Juliet says Abhimanyu and I are here, don’t postpone marriage. Dylan says fine dad, I will marry. Shekhawat smiles. Dylan gets glad.

Juliet says she is happy seeing Kajal and invites her in Dabbu and Dylan’s marriage. Kajal says ofcourse, how can I miss my brother’s mistake. Rajveer and Chandi look on tensely.

Update Credit to: Amena

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