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The Episode starts with Dylan saying I m proud of you Debjani, this story will surely be on air. She smiles. He asks her to go and work now. She leaves and he calls Goel, saying he has good story for 8 pm slot, postpone your story if you planned anything. Aseem and Vicky talk to Chadda and Aseem tells why did he send the goons, he has spoiled his plan, else he would have made Dabbu marry him. Chadda says LN has slapped me, I was angry. Aseem says LN’s daughters are not his weakness, but his strength, we have to make them on our side by mind, wait for few days and see the result, we will make LN sell the house.

Dabbu thinks about Dylan and smiles. Aseem comes to Dabbu and asks why did she not tell him about Shimla incident. She says its fine, Dylan has saved me. She says she has made

interview of everyone and they have given statement against Chadda, it will be telecast on our channel tonight, are you not happy. He gets stunned and says no, I have a doubt, who said it will come on air today. She says Dylan. He says I felt so, she is very innocent, I told you Dylan will not let such things come in open, he will not let this feature come on air, Chadda will give him a good amount. She says she trusts Dylan, she knows him very well, ethics are imp for Dylan. He says I m sorry, I did not mean to upset you, I m worried for you. She says we will talk later after the news telecast.

Aseem thinks Chadda’s truth will come out, if the news comes on air. Dabbu and everyone sit near the tv. LN tells Verma that Dabbu solved the problem. The people thank Dabbu. Dylan also sits to watch the news and talks to his mum, asking her to see the news, Dabbu has exposed Chadda and she did good work. The news start and Dyla and Dabbu, sit watching. The news does not air, and they all are shocked.

Everyone ask Dabby whats this. Dylan says what the hell is this, and calls Goel, asking about the news he approved, why did you not air, What, on whose saying…. LN says why did the news not come. Dabbu thinks. LN asks Dabbu what time she was told. Dabbu says Dylan told 8pm, maybe there is some error. Vicky and Aseem drink wine, and laugh seeing the news. He recalls Dabbu’s words and how he has called Chadda to inform him. Chadda says how dare she do this. Aseem says she was running the news at night, you are lucky that I also work here and I m close to her, she tells me everything herself, just call Mirchandani and stop this news. Aseem says all my hurdles will get cleared.

Phool says nothing will happen by this news. Mamta asks Phool to think and speak. Binny says she said right. Phool says I will go, else Dabbu will feel her failure. She leaves with Binny. LN pacifies Dabbu, he has seen big news not coming infront of the world, you have to keep trying and not lose. Dabbu thinks Dylan promised me, I will call him and ask. She calls Dylan and his number comes busy. She says maybe he is also enquiring about the news. Dylan talks to Mirchandani and asks why did he stop this news. Mirchandani says small news can affect the company. Dylan says I m sorry, this was big news, this could have got justice. Mirchandani says justice my foot, we would have get under a defamation case. Dylan says ok, your channel, your choice of news. Dylan leaves his phone and goes. Dabbu calls him and says why is he not taking my call.

She gets Aseem’s call. He asks about the news. She asks did he call to joke on her, that he was right. He says I felt bad and worried. She says I m sorry, I m upset, don’t know what happened, Dylan promised me and I trusted him, and told everyone. He says you did mistake to trust him, I told you such news does not come in market, Dylan can show he is honest, I know him well. She says but Aseem… He says I will try my best that this news come on air. She says I m sorry, I trust him, even if you don’t trust him, I m sure there is some problem. He says fine, I wanted to know how you are, after this news dropping thing. She says I m fine and ends the call.

Its morning, Dabbu does not wish to have food being upset. LN asks her to talk to boss in morning. The neighbors come and thank Dabbu for solving her problem. They get puzzled. They ask her to play news soon. They see the feature against Chadda and smile. Dabbu asks how did this come now. LN gets a call and says no need to say sorry, we felt this news will not come. LN asks Dabbu what this the time, maybe I heard the time wrong. Mamta says we thought wrong. Mrs. Mehra thanks Dabbu for solving their problems and leaves. Dabbu thinks she will meet Dylan in office and thank him well.

Aseem gets ready and gets a call from Chadda. He says maybe he called me to praise me. Chadda scolds him and says he will not leave anyone in his channel. He asks what happened. Chadda asks did he not see morning news. Aseem plays the news and is shocked seeing the feature. Chadda says you called me about the time, I called Mirchandani and stopped it, you are double crossing me. Aseem says Dylan did this, I will find it. Chadda says I m exposed on tv, I lost all respect. Aseem says trust me, you have to help me. Chadda says I will kill you if you do any mistake this time. Aseem says Dabbu shot this interview, now see, what I shoot to bring me out of this mess.

No precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ssss good epi… news telecasted… Tanq god aseem ka plan flop Hua… But precap sounds not good ?
    @Precap… Dylan is going on road and stopped by chadda.. He gives sum money to Dylan and Dylan takes it whilst aseem is capturing the pics of Dylan taking money from chadda… Aseem smile’s evilly ?

  2. Wow dylan do very good job and i hope that next plan of aseem is also going to big flop and thanxxxx dabbu for precap actually i am not in my home so not able to see this show on tv so if precap will not update please you update thanxxx once again

    1. Ur welcum… Sure I ll upload precap ?

  3. Hope debjani doesn’t miss understand Dylan again

  4. This is the test fo hw much does Dabboo trust Dylan! 🙂

  5. Uff misunderstandings b/w deblan ?
    TV, Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls is all set to bring an interesting twist in the upcoming episode.

    The current track of Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls on & TV, is revolving around Chadda. Dabbu (Sukirti Kandpal) has made a video of him troubling people around. She gave the video to Dylan (Amir Ali) for publishing it, in hopes to bring the real face of Chadda in front of the entire public.

    Well in the upcoming episode, the video of Chadda will create lot of misunderstanding between Dabbu and Dylan. To know how read below:-

    “Chadda will come to know about the video, he will send his boys to steal that cd. However, Dylan with his brilliant mind will arrange to get the right cd and will publish it another day. Dabbu will be glad to see the video out in public and will reach Dylan office to thank him. But the scenario will change as Dylan will shout on her and will ask to leave the office. Out of all this chaos, Aseem (Waseem Mushtaq) will take advantage of the situation and will convince Dabbu that he has published the video of Chadda, not Dylan.”

    What made Dylan shout on Dabbu and will she get impressed by Aseem?

    To know more keep reading this space

  6. Good serial love it ?

  7. Viewers should increase for the serial
    Hope it would have aired in zee tv

    1. This is what I’m saying 4m the beginning… Hope it ll air @zee tv ? den it ll b in top 10 @trps ?

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