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The Episode starts with Binny talking to the jailer. He says he will get the file and asks her to have tea. She sees Dylan’s mum there who has come to meet someone. The inspector asks Juliet to leave, visiting hours are over. Juliet turns and gets shocked seeing Binny. She leaves hurriedly. Binny thinks whom did she come to meet? Dylan sees Dabbu’s gift and likes the pen. He looks at her. He says limited edition pen, she knows me so well, my likes and dislikes, then why is she not understanding his heart, that he is helpless and wishes she understood this.

He gets lawyer’s call and says he got the file. He has gone through it, it has info which can help him. The lawyer says Sunaina’s info is also necessary, then they can solve it. Dylan says I know, I m working on it. Sunaina

comes to him and he is shocked. He ends the call and she says she wanted to surprise him, and hugs him. Dabbu sees them and cries. Sunaina sees Dabbu staring and says she was missing him. Dylan says this does not look good in office. She asks him to relax, he is the boss, everyone knows they are couple, what problem can anyone have. He says I m boss here, I don’t want my staff to learn this hugging and all.

He sees Sunaina can see this file, he should take it. He keeps it upside down and takes her for lunch. She says surely you know how to impress a girl and they leave. The staff sees them and wish him all the best for marriage. Sunaina thanks them and holds Dylan’s hand to show Dabbu. Dabbu has similar file and thinks to keep it in cabin. She goes to his cabin and keeps the file. She sees his phone ringing, and says he left phone here, it can be imp call also. Its lawyer’s call and she takes the call. She sees Advocate Sanghvi’s name. Dylan comes and takes the phone. Dabbu says actually it was ringing. Sunaina tells Dylan that his employees are being very free to come to his cabin behind his back, and scolds Dabbu for being after Dylan, he is not interested in her. Dylan asks Sunaina not to tell anything to his staff. She leaves.

Dabbu says I wanted you to read this file, you are busy, I will make notes, and takes the other file of Dylan. Dylan takes the files and leaves. He tells Sunaina to know this is his work place. She gets miffed and taunts on Dabbu. He says how did Dabbu come in between. She asks do you think I m blind, I have read her face, and you get restless seeing her, I understand. He asks what, tell me whats in your mind. He says whats use of lunch if she is fighting, he has work now, he will go back.

He acts annoyed and she says its ok, don’t get angry, we will go to our home, we will order food, see movie and enjoy. He agrees and puts the files in the back seat. They leave. Few kids come infront and he applies break. He asks them to be careful.

Its night, Dylan thanks Sunaina, as food was amazing. He calls driver to get his car. He gets the files from her car and misses the blue file. He hugs her and leaves in his car. She thinks she forgot her purse in the car and checks. Binny tells LN and Mamta about Juliet coming to jail to meet someone, she was worried. LN says there were prisoners who were kept for 5 or more years. Dylan asks Juliet why did he go jail. He says she did not know Binny will be there, she is also hurt, she could not stop herself.

He says we have to be careful, Sunaina is creating problem, did Binny see you. She says yes. He asks her to see the file sent by Sanghvi, its case related. He does not get the file and says is it in office. He calls Dimple and asks her to check a blue file on his table. He asks her not to open it and just see. She does not get it and says sorry, its not here. He says alright, thanks and ends the call. He tells his mum that file is not in office. She asks him to recall. He recalls and tells her that he kept files in Sunaina’s car. He says where can the file go, and recalls that file is left in Sunaina’s car.

He says if Sunaina reads the file, she will understand what game I m playing with her. She asks him to do something. He says he has to go there. Sunaina gets the file and says Dylan is so careless, I will see whats in this file. She sees its confidential and says interesting. He is on the way and says how can I be so careless, I forgot the file in her car, everything will end if she reads the file. Sunaina reads the file and says whats the meaning, so Dylan asks me so much for my past, now I know why is he restless. Dylan says she will understand why I wants to know her past, I have hurt Dabbu, everything will end if she sees file, Lord help me.

Dylan comes to Sunaina. She asks did you ask my past because of this. Dabbu cries and consoles herself.

Update Credit to: Amena

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