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The Episode starts with Dabbu telling Chandi that Juliet messaged her, and wants to meet her tomorrow. She asks Chandi what should she do now. Its morning, Chandi tells Mamta that Dabbu has gone to meet Juliet. Mamta says you should have stopped her. LN asks Mamta to relax. Binny comes and asks her to see her, she is relaxed when its first day of hearing. Mamta says she will do grah shanti. LN asks her to calm down, Dabbu can decide. Mamta says Chandi knows Dabbu is sad because of Dylan. Chandi says she just knows life always changes, and says Rajveer’s lines.

LN says it had depth, how did she learn this line. Rajveer says she learnt from me and greets everyone. He joins them for breakfast. He says he believes they should ask for small things from Lord, as we are kids of Lord

and like to ask for chocolates, Lord knows to make big things fine. Mamta says right. Binny says yes, I m really feeling relaxed now. She says she will leave now. LN says he will come along. Binny says I want to manage alone. Mamta hugs her. LN says all the best. Binny leaves.

Rajveer says sorry, I came without informing, I came to invite you in Mata Ki Chowki, I will be glad if you all come. Mamta says we will come for sure. Rajveer says I know Binny is busy, if possible, bring her too. Mamta says sure.

Dabbu meets Juliet in café. She apologizes to Juliet. Juliet says Dylan did wrong, I was angry on him, then I got the reason for what he said. Dabbu asks what. Juliet says Dylan did not get his dad’s love, he used to see me and his dad’s fighting. Juliet says she did not know about her husband’s first marriage, she felt she married someone else, not her love, she always cursed my marriage, Dylan does not believe in marriage, he was never serious with any girl, he was serious about you, I know he is very serious about you.

She says Dabbu, he is not running from marriage fear, he is running from fear to lose you, he has seen his parents and feels love ends after marriage, so he gave that stupid suggestion, give him chance to stay with you, when he sees life will be beautiful with you, then his fear will go. Dabbu asks are you suggesting me to stay with Dylan without marriage. Juliet says yes. Dabbu gets shocked.

The lawyer tells Binny not to worry, she is with her dad and working as lawyer, the kids are getting good upbringing. Binny says even Vicky will make some plan. A man stares at him. Binny says she does not know him. The lawyer says that man is staring at you since long, Vicky does not have case, court takes kids if mum is not mentally stable, but its not such with you.

Juliet asks Dabbu not to reject this idea, give Dylan one chance, he will be fine with you and will get ready to marry you, please. She cries and requests Dabbu. The judge talks to Binny and Vicky, and asks for mutual agreement divorce and wants her kids. Vicky says he also wants the kids.

Binny says she wants her kids to have good future, so she wants kids’ custody. Vicky has his Pinnu Mama as lawyer. He says kids are mine, and if mum is irresponsible and unfit mentally, then I should get kids’ custody. The judge says they will appoint marriage counselor, who will give report to him after talking to them. The man stares at Binny and scares her by showing the kid’s school bottle. Binny recalls Monu forgetting his bottle in the man’s car. She gets tensed and runs outside to catch that man. She asks where did he go, he was here. She tells the lawyer that man was standing near court room and had kid’s water bottle, is he following me. She says that man met her kids in school too.

Dabbu comes to office and recalls Dylan’s words. Dylan comes there and says I know I have hurt you a lot, I can’t give you what I want, I can’t marry you, I know you are troubled because of me. She says I…. He says let me finish, I thought a lot, I don’t have right to be in your life, it will be good for you that I free you from my love, I love you a lot, I don’t want to make your life hell by marrying you, it will be better that we get separated. He goes to his cabin. She cries. Yakeen tha jo mujhko…………….plays……….

Mamta, Binny, Chandi and Eshu come in the Mata ki Chowki. Rajveer and his mum welcome them. Rajveer introduces them to Mandy . Mandy says I heard Eshu did rap with Harry. Harry says today we will rap the bhajans. Rajveer asks Chandi to come with him. Dabbu sees Dylan packing his stuff in is cabin, and office staff giving him bouquets. She gets worried and thinks why is everyone going in Dylan’s cabin suddenly. She asks Dimple is Dylan going somewhere. Dimple says Dylan has resigned and is leaving company and country too. Dabbu gets shocked and cries seeing Dylan.

Dabbu comes to Dylan’s cabin and peon about Dylan. The peon says he left for airport. Dabbu gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. In upcoming episodes dabbu will stop Dylan from leaving the country and dabbu will agree to Dylan’s proposal for live in relationship. Anji will come back and help dabbu. LN agrees for live in relationship but he asks Dylan to stay in his house for live in relationship. Let’s see that Dylan will agree to live in dabbu ‘s house or not

  2. I think Dylan will agree to live in dabbu’s house. Wherever they stay I don’t mind but they should be together. HAPPY FOR DEBLAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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