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The Episode starts with LN coming to Mamta after talking to Dabbu. He says Dabbu will take some time to heal her broken heart. Mamta says I m feeling helpless, I m shocked why did Dylan do this, its Dylan whom we have seen in hospital that way with Dabbu. He says, why will Dylan do this suddenly. He recalls Sunaina and says he will just come, he is going office, he has urgent work and will come soon. She asks him to take Binny. He says no need, I will come. He leaves.

Dabbu looks at the dress Dylan gifted her. She recalls his words and cries. She says he lied to me. Eshu asks her to come. Dabbu says she wants to sit alone for sometime. Eshu tells Binny that Chandi can explain Dabbu. Binny says no, she will worry. Mamta says what work came to LN at this time. Dylan comes to Dabbu’s

house. Mamta opens the door. Dylan says I know you all are hurt, he wants to talk to Dabbu once. She says I always explained Dabbu, but you did this, please go from here, don’t increase our pain.

Dabbu comes there and says what is mum doing, Dylan is her boss, you should welcome him. Dylan apologizes to her and says its not she is thinking, and their relation… Dabbu say you proved there is no relation between us, I m fed up, forgive me and just go. He says he has something to say, he can’t tell about the thing related to past, once he solves, he will tell her, and their relation… She says there is nothing, please go. He says he can’t tell her anything right now, and he hopes and wishes she understands him.

She returns the dress to him and says she does not need this. She goes and cries. He leaves. LN meets him outside. Dylan says sorry uncle, I should have not come here, everyone is annoyed, they are right, I came to say Dabbu, its not like its seen, everyone has past and sometimes past comes in present and spoils everything, I will come soon to clear everything, but I m afraid it can get very late, I don’t know if you trust me or not, but I want to say I did not cheat Dabbu, I can’t think to cheat her. He leaves.

Dylan talks to his mum and says they felt I cheated Dabbu, they are right. She cries and asks how did this happen. He says its my mistake, Sunaina fell so low and announced marriage on stage, you know the truth, when I went to Dabbu to talk, she came there and told a lot. I was feeling hurt seeing Dabbu cry, I can’t say I m doing this for my family, I m helpless and can’t tell her anything. He rests in his mum’s lap.

LN tells Mamta that Dylan is not like they are thinking. She asks what is he saying, he broke Dabbu’s heart. He says he felt he has seen Sunaina, and he went to office to see old files, he did not know anything. Mamta says whoever she is, Dylan is marrying her. He says its not true what we see, I have seen many cases where every coin has two sides, Dylan would have come here and meet Dabbu and us, if he was wrong…. I feel there is something which we did not understand, we did not give him chance to explain.

Its morning, Mamta asks Binny to let Dabbu sleep, she won’t go office. Dabbu gets ready for office and greets them. Mamta asks her to rest and leave this job. She says it will be tough to work with Dylan. Dabbu asks why will I feel bad, he will find it tough to meet my eyes. Binny says she is right, I know how it feels when any loved one cheats, but life goes on, Dabbu should go office. LN says I m proud of my daughters. Mamta asks Dabbu to go.

Binny says she has to go jail. Mamta asks why. LN says she has to meet central superintendent to get files of cases, its her work. Binny and Dabbu leave. Dylan sees Dabbu in office and thinks what to tell her. He gets a gift from Dabbu. He asks her did she send this, it means everything got fine. She says it means you are my boss, I m giving this gift as a team member, I purchased this yesterday before award function. He thinks when will he win her heart, and clear her misunderstanding.

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  1. Poor Dylan … I am happy that at least LN is trying to figure out things and trying to u first and Dylan ?
    Y no precap?

  2. Thanks amena.. A.. Lot!

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