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The Episode starts with Dylan saving Dabbu and closing the gas knob. He asks is she mad, she would have died. She asks would he care for it and leaves. She cries on the way and recalls Dylan’s words. Binny comes running to home and calls out Mamta. She gets relieved seeing the kids at home. She asks how did they come home. Monu says all the kids left. Binnu asks how can they come with anyone. She tells Mamta that she got late, the kids were not in class, teacher said someone took them. Mamta says I called you, but your phone was off, someone dropped the kids. Binny says the man said there that he is my brother. Mamta explains them not to go with anyone. Monu says he forgot his water bottle in uncle’s car. Binny says she does not like to get annoyed with them. She thinks who did bad

joke of missing note on the board.

Dabbu sits sad in her room. Dylan is outside her house and calls her. She rejects his call. He says I need to talk to you anyhow. Dabbu holds the bangle and recalls Juliet’s words. She answers the call. Dylan asks her to come down and talk to him. She says don’t contact me again. She switches off the phone. He sees the balcony window and climbs up.

She sees Dylan there and thinks she is imagining. Dylan comes inside by the window. She looks at him. He says he will come in her room like this if she does not take his call. She asks him to leave. He holds her hand and stops her. He holds her close. He says he feels helpless without her, he loves her a lot, he does not want to lose her. He says her family has everyone united, her parents love each other, even I want to love you always. He asks her to help him in getting rid of this fear. She asks how.

He asks her to start living with her, lets have a live in relationship, I know its strange, but we will see what happens by staying together. She asks you mean live in relationship, without marriage. He says we will have our freedom, we won’t take each other for granted, we will have love always. Dylan asks her to understand. She asks why does he feel she will accept this, she does not see marriage as limiting thing, for me marriage is a beautiful bond, how do you feel we will bind each other.

He says try to understand. She says how will my family and society see me, we are staying in india, not America. She says commitment means marriage, we keep the pure vows and such marriage is believed by family and society. She cries. He says I know you are saying right, but what shall I do, tell me what you want. She says I told you what I want, my parents love each other since 30 years, my mum is my dad’s happiness, and he is her happiness, dad told me not to form any opinion about you, I can see your whole truth now.

Dylan asks whats my truth, I love you, this is my fear of what you are saying. She says still you hurt me, how could you ask me this, did you not feel how bad I would feel. LN talks to Mamta and says its Binny’s custody case tomorrow, people remark badly and I was wishing for out of court settlement. They see Dylan coming downstairs. Dylan apologizes to them and leaves. Mamta asks Binny and Chandi did they know Dylan came. Chandi asks Dabbu did everything sort out. Dabbu says nothing will sort out. Mamta asks why did Dylan come.

Dabbu says Dylan wants me to live with him without marriage. They all get shocked. Mamta calls Juliet and tells everything. She says Dylan wants Dabbu to stay with him without marriage, this is such shameful thing. Juliet says I don’t know why he said about live in relationship. Mamta says we feel this is very bad, Dylan proved whats Dabbu’s value in his life, I m not blaming your upbringing, kids see their parents and get sense, I don’t know why did Dylan say such thing.

Juliet says give me one day time. Mamta says you can take time, but one thing is sure, I will tell my daughter to break relation with Dylan right away. Juliet gets shocked. She says listen to me. Mamta says I can’t bear this shameful thing, sorry, I don’t want to listen anything. She ends call. Mamta asks the girls to go and sleep. Chandi wishes Lord to sort all this. Rajveer calls her. He asks did she sleep. She says she was hoping that tomorrow is better than today. He says today is good too, who has seen tomorrow, today is the best. He says she has to come and do shopping with him for Mata Ki Chowki. She says fine. He says our life always changes, and encourages her. She smiles and says she will remember his tip. He says welcome, we will meet tomorrow.

Dylan comes home. Juliet asks him what was he thinking, Dabbu’s family is annoyed. Dylan says I just want Dabbu to stay with me, nothing else. Juliet thinks Dylan does not get away from Dabbu and not get committed to her, I have to do something before it gets too late.

Dylan tells Dabbu that he has hurt her a lot, he can’t give her what she wants, so it will be better that he frees her from his love. Sheetal tells Dabbu that Dylan has resigned and is leaving the country. Dabbu gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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