Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 3rd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 3rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mamta talking to doctor. They all laugh seeing Mamta lying that she was resting a lot and thank Yash. The doctor leaves and they all laugh. Mamta is brought home. Everyone is happy. Anji gets Anant’s call and says she will stay with mum, that’s so sweet, thanks, I love you too, take care. They get sad seeing Binny. Binny says maybe her bag is in car and goes. Mamta says Binny stood against Aseem, she did not think about her inlaws. Phool says poor Binny, I think she has to stay in her Maayka now. LN says we will talk about thislater.

Anji says maybe Binny wants to talk to anyone, she can light her heart. Anji goes to Binny and hugs her. Binny says why did I not see Aseem and Vicky’s truth before, mum is in this state because of them. Anji says your kids

are my kids too, don’t worry. Dabbu says the kids have 5 mum, don’t worry, we all will care for them. Chandi asks her to smile. Binny smiles. Dabbu asks her not to cry and they all hug.

Aseem and Vicky have a talk. Vicky says he will call Binny and she will come running. Vicky calls Binny and acts to tell her that he did all this to secure their future. He says he is not their enemy. She cries. He says he can’t stay without his kids, and asks her to come back, else he will die. LN takes care of Mamta. Dabbu says she is going office. Mamta asks why. Dabbu says she has to go for imp work and will drop Chandi in exhibition.

Anji says she has to go for Anant’s work. Mamta says see they all have to go same day. LN says I called Phool Devi. She says you are here. He says I have imp case, wish me luck. Binny gets some pendrive and calls Chadda. She says she is Binny. He says he will not leave Vicky and Aseem. She says don’t do anything, I have to meet you and asks him to meet her. Chadda asks her not to act smart. She says I m with Vicky, this is your profit too and calls him there.

Binny asks Mamta to take medicines, she will just go and come, she has parent teacher meeting today in kids’ school. Phool taunts them and LN asks her to take care of Mamta. Binny meets Chadda and says she is meeting as Vicky’s wife, she has two kids. She says her inlaws are annoyed and her parents can’t see my happiness and pain, Vicky is in loans, he wanted some help, Dabbu would have got a good husband Aseem. She says she wants to go back to Vicky and shows him the proof. She says this pendrive has no copy and asks him to break it, and says forgive Vicky and don’t trouble him.

Dylan scolds Chadda and the Thakur Girls catch him. Dylan asks the girls to deal with him. The girls beat Chadda, and Chadda gets a gun. He aims at them and they scream.

Update Credit to: Amena

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