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The Episode starts with Dylan holding Sunaina’s hand unwillingly. She asks for the award. He gives the award. She thanks him for sharing tha award and says she is glad to be his strength and inspiration. Dabbu looks on. Sunaina says I m glad to announce that Dylan and I are going to marry soon. Dabbu and everyone get shocked. She says I m really sorry that Dylan is going to break many hearts to marry me. Dylan takes Sunaina with him. Dabbu cries and leaves. Binny asks Eshu to let Dabbu do her fight. Dylan asks Sunaina why did she announce on stage without asking him. She says I thought you will be happy seeing my boldness, you said about me on stage, why to hide it from everyone.

She asks why is he not happy. The media comes there and take their pics. They ask about the wedding

date. Sunaina says we did not decide yet. Dabbu comes there and Dylan sees her. Dabbu is asked to stand away. Dylan takes Dabbu with her. He asks her not to cry. She cries and asks him not to tell anything, she was stupid to feel she knows him, she did not know him. she says I felt we both are something together, but I m alone. He says listen to me. She says please, I don’t know why I m surprised, you always say something and do something else, I get hurt always.

The media asks Sunaina about her family background and past. Sunaina thinks to leave as they are asking a lot about her past. She sees Dylan with a girl. She sees Dabbu crying and comes to them. She asks Dylan why did he leave her alone with media, what happened. Dylan looks at Dabbu. Dabbu sees the necklace Dylan ordered, and gets angry seeing Sunaina wearing it. Sunaina asks who is she. Dylan says she is Debjani, my colleague, she is hardworking, brave, so I did many sting operations with her help, she is the best we have in our channel. Sunaina holds his hand and says fine, make sure to raise her salary.

She says why will anyone do big tasks, its for money and name. Dabbu thanks her for recommendation and says nice necklace. Sunaina thanks her and says its Dylan’s choice, it will be beautiful like me. Dabbu turns and sees her family watching them. Sunaina sees LN and thinks what is he doing here. She says she ha to make imp call and leaves. LN gets thinking. Dylan walks to Dabbu. Eshu and Binny stop him. Mamta cries and takes Dabbu. They leave.

They all come home. Mamta asks Dabbu to open the door, she has just come from hospital. LN asks Dabbu to open door. They get worried. Mamta sees smoke coming out of the room, and asks her what is she doing. Dabbu stands near the fire angrily, and wipes her tears. LN says he will break the door. They see fire in the bin. Dabbu burns Dylan’s gifted book and says she wants to end all his memories, so he is burning all his gifts. She sees her dress gifted by Dylan.

She says don’t worry, I will be fine. LN asks everyone to leave. He talks to Dabbu. He makes her have water and asks her to cry to bring out her pain. Dabbu cries and hugs him. He asks her to remember they all are with her always. She asks why did this happen with me. He says I don’t know, but it gives us experience to live life ahead. He says everyone loves you, if you shatter, they all will break. Dylan and Sunaina are on the way. He recalls Dabbu and is sad. He stops the car and says he will get water, he is thirsty. He buys water and sits alone. He cries and says I m really very sorry to hurt Dabbu’s heart. He thinks to talk to Dabbu. Sunaina asks him why is he unhappy and she feels its because of that girl.

He says I don’t know. She says I noticed, she was seeing you as if you cheated her, I felt her heart broke and you also looked unhappy. He says what can I do if her heart broke. She says you are right, what can you do, my past also had such complications. He stops the car and asks what complications. She asks why does he get excited to know about her past. He asks will I be excited about any other girl’s past. She says it means you won’t marry me if you don’t know it. He says yes maybe, it means you don’t trust me, no relation works without trust. She says she loves him and needs some time, she has to tell him, lets not spoil our best day. He thinks she has to tell the past, as he is paying a big price for it, by hurting Dabbu’s heart.

Dylan comes to Dabbu and says whatever is happening today is related to his past, which he can’t tell her right now, and when he solves all this, their relation will be……….Dabbu angrily says they have just one relation between them…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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