Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 3rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with sisters asking Dabbu did she get anyone. Dabbu says no one, all my hopes of good guy and job are gone. Chandu says priorities, likes and dislikes should match, love will happen on its own. She says she has fashion show tomorrow and asks Dabbu to come. Dabbu asks what will I do there. Anji asks her to look for boys. Eshu says she heard everything. Its morning,. Mamta stops LN from having sweets and says she did not make for him. He asks for whom is it. She says Anant is coming for breakfast. Chandu comes and asks what are they wearing today, wear something special. She leaves. LN asks for what. Mamta says its her fashion show. He says I did not forget, my daughter will get much praised. She calls someone and asks him to say sorry. He says sorry and asks whom did he

say sorry. She says Shastri ji.

She asks him not to have jalebi if he is angry. He says why not, I will have it, its costly for me as I said sorry to him to get this. She says she called him for doing puja, then everything will be fine for Dabbu. He says ask him to do puja for free. She says I have money, I will arrange. He asks how did you get. She says I saved. He says its my money. She says its mine. Chandu shows the dress to Anji, and she likes it a lot. She says her style sense is better than her boss. Chandu says sorry boss and sees his pic. Chandu asks her not to touch. Dabbu comes and they tease her.

Anji says she is doing good to take Dabbu along. She says her pain of not getting the job will get less. Chandu says yes, so I m taking her. The neighbor comes to return the bowl and Mamta asks her to have breakfast. The lady shows the halwa and talks to her. Chandu talks to her and reminds how they did not return money and taunts her. Mamta asks Chandu why does she always get after her. The lady says sh will come along. Chandu says tickets are not available, she can’t come. The lady insists. Mamta asks Chandu to take her and her daughter Gulab. Anant comes and Mamta welcomes him. He greets her and asks where is Papa. She says he is outside in garden, Anji is in room, have breakfast, its your fav. He says wow.

Anji likes Chandu’s dress and compliments her. Anant comes and Chandu asks when did he come. He says I came 20mins ago but mum in law made me have much food, maybe I look weak to her. Eshu asks did he come to take Anji. Anji says she is attending fashion show. He says I just came to meet her while going office. Chandu says how sweet, who will say its 7 years of your marriage, asks is there anyone like him. He asks why. She says she will marry.

Dabbu comes and greets him. Anji asks them to talk. He says he got 17 rejections before getting a good job. Dabbu says it means she should you, she can have her own channel. He says good to see you happy, you will have a better life. Chandu says you are favoring her. He says I like all of my sister in laws. Chandu asks is Anju jealous. Anji says well, keep him. They come for the fashion show and Dabbu is nervous seeing the models and big platforms. She says I m not made for such places, I will go. Chandu says too late now and sends her to green room.

Anji is annoyed with Anant. He asks her to select any dress from Samaira’s boutique for the fasion dress and she thanks him. He says he will meet Papa and leave. He meets LN and blows cigar. He asks how does he manage 5. Mamta calls him and LN says 6. They laugh.

Dabbu sees someone having long hair and calls Mam, sister. The man turns and she is stunned seeing it’s a man. She drops all the bags. He asks what happened. She says sorry, I was mistaken, please help me, and makes him hold all the bags. She asks him to come. He follows her to green room. She thinks maybe he wants top and gives him money. Chandu comes and is shocked seeing her boss. Dabbu says he helped me in bringing all items. Chandu tells Dabbu that he is her boss, his oic is also there. Dabbu says that pic has his hair tied. Chandu says you did big mistake, you were giving 20rs tip.

Dabbu says I said this place is not made for me. Chandu goes to talk to her boss. Dabbu says is this any name, Pappi. Dylan comes there and follows instructions to get inside. Dabbu talks to Binny and says Chandu made a beautiful dress and praises it. Anji calls Binny and they havea conference call. Binny apologizes to Anji. Dabbu tells everything what she did. Dylan talks to someone and says he is going inside the venue and he sees the way wrong. He asks him to check again.

He walks ahead and the floor shakes. Dabbu is free on call talking to Anji and they talk about guys. Dabbu says will any guy fall from sky, and Dylan falls down and Dabbu screams and falls. They ask what happened. Dabby and Dylan see each other.

The fashion show goes on. Dylan holds Dabbu and she slaps him. He gets stunned. Chandu’s model falls by Dabbu’s mistake, and Pappi asks her to manage now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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