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The Episode starts with Chandi seeing a couple. She says she did not know aunty will come, else she would have got her mum too. The boy asks his mum how much sugar cubes to add in coffee. His mum says no sugar today. Chandi smiles and asks does he not do anything without asking you. His mum says no. Chandi says I add sugar without asking. The lady says Ranvir’s Mausa and Mausi liked it. Chandi thinks so he was asking for you. Chandi thinks many relatives are coming, what will happen now. Dylan gets Juliet’s call about Abhimanyu’s panic attack and he rushes home. Dabbu says calm down, he will be fine. Chandi meets many relatives and messages that she is stuck.

Chandi says her family would have come if she knew they all are coming. Chandi wishes someone saved her from this mad

group. Rajveer comes there and calls Chandi as Simran. He hugs her and asks whats she doing here, is she marrying this guy. He says he is Raj and this is his Simran, their life is like DDLJ. He holds the guy and the aunty gets angry. Rajveer says he has to talk to Simran, why did she plan this when he asked for one day. He says she made backup plan that she will say yes to this guy if his mum refuses, else refuse this guy. The aunty refuses for Chandi. Rajveer thanks them. Chandi smiles. Rajveer says I can become actor, I will show so much love to girl, that she can’t refuse to marry me. Chandi says its Mandy’s marriage, we will think about your marriage later.

Dylan and Dabbu come home and talk to Juliet about Abhimanyu’s panic attack. Chandi tells Rajveer that she came to meet the guy reading the biodata. He asks what type of guy she likes. She looks at him. Dylan asks Abhimanyu to open the door. Dabbu says maybe I should try once. Dylan says he becomes aggressive in such state. Dabbu asks him to let her take stress. Juliet says I tried a lot, let her try.

Dabbu asks Abhimanyu to open the door, she is Dylan’s friend, she was thinking to go for a walk, she came to meet him, she heard a lot about him, will he come with her to walk in free air. Abhimanyu comes there. Dylan and Juliet smile. Abhimanyu opens the door and asks what did she say, free air…. She says yes. Chandi tells Rajveer that they will go and buy material for Mandy’s dress. He asks about her choice of guy. She says I don’t know yet. They smile.

Dabbu and Abhimanyu come home after the walk. He says I m glad, thanks. She says that’s great. Dylan smiles. She asks Dylan is he fine. He says I m fine as you are with me. She says no problem can affect the lovers when they are together. He says yes, you solved the problem, thanks. She says if I m in any problem, will you manage it. He says always. She says she wanted to ask him, she realized right time is when they are together, and right place is when we are talking. He asks what does she mean.

She says we will marry so that we always stay together, so that we have love between us. She asks will you marry me. He says no. She asks what. He says I can’t marry you. She gets shocked. She laughs and says you are joking right. She asks why is he quiet. He breaks the lamp and says he is not joking, he does not want to marry. She sees his hand hurt and cries. She asks whats the reason, say something, look at me. He goes from there.

Its night, Rajveer are Chandi shop all the dress materials, jewelry, sandals and she checks. He asks for food and laughs. He says they are hungry and should go and have food. She says its late now, all restaurants will be shut, I will go home and tell mum. He says why, we will go nearby and have food. She says fine. Dabbu comes home and Eshu asks how did Dylan say yes to him. Dabbu asks her to shut up, they just make her troubled, just focus on studies. She goes to her room. Eshu gets thinking.

Rajveer brings Chandi to the roadside stall. She says she won’t eat here, its unhygienic. He says he is very hungry and orders the food. The dog barks and she asks him, to shut the window. They sit on the benches and have food. He asks her to try. She likes it and eats. It falls on her dress and says the food ruined her dress. He puts water on her. She says whats this. He says I m helping. She says this was my new dress, it got spoiled. She puts water on him by the water pipe and laughs. Rajveer looks at her. They have an eyelock. Dabbu sits sad and recalls Dylan’s refusing to her proposal. Eshu comes to her and says problems come in life, we have to deal with it, you told me to solve the problems. Dabbu says my situation is different. Eshu says you have to face it with a smile, and gives her chocolate. She makes her have it. Dabbu hugs her and thinks if Dylan did not wish to marry her, why did he show this fake love.

Dabbu comes to office. Dylan greets her. She gives her resignation letter. He gets shocked and asks whats wrong with her. She says she won’t work here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wtf’s wrong with dubbu she gave a registration letter like this is so stupid

  2. Ohh no dabbu what are you doing
    I’m just shocked like dylen…

  3. I think now in the upcoming episodes Dylan will ask dabbu for live in relationship. I don’t know that this information is right or wrong because I had known from a source.

  4. I think Dylan is doing this because he has seen something not good in his parents relationship. So he don’t want that his realationship with dabbu would not spoil.

  5. ok twist is good but itni jaldi solve nehi honi chahiye thode din keliye dur or sad rahenge toh pyar badhega

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