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The Episode starts with Vicky telling the judge that Binny and Malik are having an affair. He says when he has seen them, he got all the answers why Malik is fighting her case, he can’t leav his kids with characterless woman, give me my kids. Mama ji requests judge to give kids custody to Vicky. Maik talks in defense and says he will present the proof that Vicky has lied. He says Vicky was clicking my pic with Binny, when she was slipping, he knew she was slipping at that time, I took him to police and filed FIR, he is insulting the court by lying.

The judges says Binny is not irresponsible, characterless or mentally unstable, so kids custody is given to Binny, Vicky will be arrested for mentally harassing his wife. Vicky and his mum get shocked. Binny and LN thank Malik. Vicky

stares at Malik and says let me come back, I will punish you. Malik wishes him all the best. Dylan comes to a cafe and talks to his friend on phone. He tells about Dabbu. Shekhawat hears him. They give the same coffee type order and does not talk to each other.

Shekhawat recalls Dabbu’s words and says don’t ever leave that girl. Dylan thinks how does he know Debjani. Dabbu’s mehendi function is going on at her house. The sisters dance on the song Sadi gali……………LN welcomes Malik and says we will sit and have a talk. Dylan is on the way and cancels all the meetings, as he has some imp work. Chandi compliments Dabbu. Aseem in disguise comes there. Dabbu comes there angrily and hears Aseem talking on phone. Aseem gets shocked seeing him. Dylan asks him to move, he has to go inside. Aseem says yes please and welcomes him, thinking its time to ruin Dylan. Dylan looks for Dabbu. She smiles seeing him.

Eshu and Chandi stop Dylan and ask why did he come so late, they can dance, Dabbu was waiting for him, such great love. Dylan says sorry, I will just come. He says Dabbu just come, I have to talk right now, its imp. Chandi stops him and asks him to dance with them first. Dylan says not now and takes Dabbu to the room. She hugs him and says so romantic. He asks did she meet his dad. He asks her to answer and gets angry. She says yes, I went to meet him. He gets shocked.

He hits the wall and asks why did you go to meet him. She says I went to invite him in our marriage. He says I don’t want him to come. She says he is your dad. He says I m not related to him, he is not my dad. She says I have seen you miss him a lot. He says I can’t forget what he did with my mum, he had just hurt us, we are not related to him, you will not interfere in this matter, you get that. She nods. Eshu comes there and teases them. She says just 2 days and then Dabbu will be all yours, we will have to take your permission to meet her then. She takes Dabbu along and asks Dylan to come. Dylan recalls his dad’s words.

Dabbu and Dylan come downstairs. Everyone clap for them. They ask him to dance. Dabbu, Dylan dance with them. Dylan says I have to go office for imp meeting. Mamta stops him and asks what happened, is there any problem. Dylan says I have imp work, and leaves. Chandi shows her mehendi to Rajveer on videochat and he compliments her. He says he loves her a lot and asks her to keep smiling. She says I m happy. He asks the reason. She says my mum likes you a lot, she is thinking about my marriage. She asks him not to worry, she did not tell the past to her parents, and asks him not to turn back, as its lizard behind. He turns and she laughs. He laughs. She says she was joking to make him laugh.

Dylan thinks of Shekhawat and Dabbu’s words. Aseem calls him and Dylan thinks its Dabbu. He says Dabbu leave me alone for sometime. Aseem laughs. Dylan asks him not to call him. Aseem threatens to ruin him. He ends call and smiles.

The pandit says this marriage can’t happen, and everyone get shocked. The pandit says the kundli has this written, if this marriage happens, the groom will die within 30 days. They get stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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