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The Episode starts with Sunaina and Dylan on a dinner date. She says she feels incomplete without him. He smiles and flirts with her giving a rose. He says our hearts have met, we don’t need anyone else, we are close now, and there should not be any secret between us, tell me of I m wrong. He thinks he won’t let her change topic this time. He says I know you want to tell me, and are not sure of my reaction, and this is troubling you, I m asking as I want to help you, I m not doing for myself, I want you to feel light. She says there is nothing such, don’t you trust me. He asks is there nothing, I want to take relation to next step and you are not saying anything. She asks what did he say, she also wants them to take their relation ahead, they love each other, so she was thinking why

don’t they marry. He gets shocked.

She says I love you so much, if we marry, it will be easy for me to tell my past. She says you ask me to trust you and not marry you… He says ofcourse I want to marry you, I was surprised, we will have a grand wedding. She says thanks, I m so happy and hugs him. She kisses on his coat and smiles. Dabbu waits for Dylan. LN says Dylan maybe busy in work. Dabbu thinks Dylan did not come till sweetdish time. Eshu teases Dabbu. Dabbu says if Dylan does not come today then…. The door bell rings.

Eshu goes to open the door. Dabbu thinks maybe some dlivery boy got flowers with sorry note. Dylan comes and says I m late right. Mamta welcomes him. LN says you are afraid as we will file case on you for coming late. Dylan says sorry, I got late. He gets chocolates for Sonu and Monu. Binny thanks him. Dylan says he got cupcakes for Mamta. Mamta says Binny has made sweetdish, come. He greets Dabbu and sits. He sees the lipstick mark on his neck and gets shocked. He covers the collar and says so sorry, can I go and wash hands, where is the bathroom. Dabbu says I will take you. Mamta says its good he came, else Dabbu would have not left him.

Dylan goes to washroom and cleans the lipstick mark. Dabbu sees towel outside and goes to give him. She asks why is he holding neck. He says I have some ache. She says shall I apply ointment or massage neck, I did acupressure course, let me try. He says no. She slips and the water tap gets hit. He holds her and they have an eyelock under the shower. Nainon ko pata hai………………plays…….. He asks is she fine. She says yes. He asks her to go out, as she is already ill. He dries her face and she looks at him. He takes her outside and she stops him. He asks why did she close door. She says if there is anyone, what will they think. He says its weird, I will go and see, if there is no one, I will sign then you come out.

He goes out and asks her to come, as there is no one here. They both come out and see Binny. They get shocked. Binny asks how did they get drenched. Dabbu says I went to give towel, I slipped and they got wet under the shower. Binny says its fine, I will give shirt to Dylan from Chandi’s collection and asks Dabbu to change.

Dabbu and Dylan come. Mamta asks about their clothes. Binny says Dylan started shower by mistake. Dylan thanks her for the shirt. Mamta asks them to sit. They have dinner and talk. Dylan tells about designer whose dress Dabbu will be wearing. He says he has arranged a special dress for her. Eshu says wow. Dylan asks Dabbu to rest in day, as it can be hectic for her in evening, if he feels she is weak, he will make her drink glucose. Mamta and everyone smile.

He gets Sunaina’s message that she can’t believe they will be marrying. Dabbu asks is everything ok. He says yes, some work message. Dylan comes home and talks to his mum. She asks what, did you promise Sunaina that you will marry her. He says let her think, she will have hope with me and tell me the secret, then I will show her who I am and what I m going to do. She says be careful, you can lose your true son, history should not repeat. Dylan says it won’t happen.

Dabbu is happy and takes medicines. Eshu says you did not make face and eaten medicine. Binny says she has to get well to go tomorrow. Eshu says Dabbu will be with Dylan. Binny says he loves you a lot, your life will change when you go to receive award with him. Eshu says I feel he will propose you tomorrow, just look stunning that you deserve to be with Dylan. Dabbu says its enough for today, we will sleep. They sleep. Sunaina sees the news of Dylan receiving the award tomorrow. She gets glad and says wow, that’s great news.

She says she should be with Dylan tomorrow, but her past… before Dylan knows her past, she will link with Dylan that her past can’t break their relation. She says she has to do something that Dylan does not leave her and become part of her life, she can do anything to get him, she knows what to do.

Dylan says he has a woman in his life, who is his inspiration and strength. He wants her to come and share his award. Sunaina joins him on stage. Sunaina says I m glad to announce that Dylan and I are marrying ver soon. Dabbu and her family are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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