Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 2nd September 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Mamta talking to Dabbu. She asks Dabbu to leave job if she wants, but not to ignore Dylan. Dabbu says I get hurt seeing him. Mamta says you did true love, why to run, face the situation and win it, think that Dylan’s yes would be bad if he is not made for you. Dabbu says I want to know the reason why he said no for marriage. Mamta asks her to get the answer, then she can go ahead in life, if she runs, this question will not leave her all her life. Dabbu says maybe she is right. She says she will get her pendrive from office, its imp for interview. Mamta smiles.

Dabbu goes to office. Dylan thinks to meet Dabbu and talk to her. Dabbu comes there. Dylan goes the other way. She gets her pendrive and sees Dylan’s pic. She recalls him and smiles. She hears

someone and asks who is there. Dylan holds her and says don’t shout. He asks whats she doing here at this time. She says she came to take files for interview. He says I m sorry, I did not mean to scare you, its good you came, I want to talk to you. She says fine, tell me, what am I for you, am I one of your flings. He says no. She asks does he love her. He says I love you a lot. She asks does he want to marry her. He says no.

She asks whats the result of this relation, did he think of their future. He says I don’t think of future, I live in present. She asks is this relation not imp. He says a lot. He says he did not think to marry anyone. She asks whats the difference between me and your flings. She cries. He wipes her tears and asks her not to cry. He says I know you are doubting that I did not love you, the truth is I love you a lot, I can’t live without you. She asks why is he refusing to marry. He says marriage ends love.

He says marriage creates difference between two people. She asks how can he think so. She says marriage is a bond where two people unite forever, it makes love strong. He smiles and says it happens in films, not in reality, when two people marry, they can’t love and respect each other, love ends between them. She asks him to say whats the matter, you know me so well, why do you think our love will get less after marriage, tell me. He says my parents did love marriage and today they dislike to see each other, its bad truth, I know to stay in broken family, you won’t understand, I m afraid that we will have something like this, I can’t marry you. He leaves. She cries.

Dabbu comes home and talks to LN. She says Dylan does not want to get married, he is afraid that love will get less. Juliet asks Dylan why does he feel his love is like his parents. LN tells Dabbu that children get affected whose parents fight. Juliet says everything will be fine, why is he punishing Dabbu, she is nice girl, they will be happy. LN says one day, your love will make him change his thinking, give him some time, you love him right. She nods. Dylan says he will always love Dabbu but he don’t believe in marriage anymore, he can’t risk his love. LN says everything will be fine and hugs Dabbu.

Juliet asks Dylan to trust her. Dylan says I don’t want to talk, and goes. Rajveer invites Chandi in Mata ki Chowki. She says she will try. He gets relatives’ call. The men bring flowers. Chandi sees the light wires fallen, and sees Rajveer busy. She says she will fix lights. Rajveer sees her stuck in wires and laughs. He jokes that she does not need to become pillar here. She says very funny. He says he will free her. They have an eyelock.

Binny comes to meet kids at school and plans to take them to icecream parlor. She does not find the kids and asks teacher about them. The teacher says her brother has taken the kids. Binny scolds the teacher and says she will file case against school if anything happens to kids. Binny gets shocked seeing Sonu and Monu’s pic as missing kids.

Dabbu gets coffee and drinks it. She asks peon why did he make bitter coffee. The peon says machine was not working, so he made coffee on gas. She says she will make it for herself. She goes and makes coffee. Pyaar ke pehle gham me………plays………She recalls Dylan and gets sad. Everyone get the bad smell of the gas leakage. Dylan comes there and sees the staff standing in group. They complain about smell. Dabbu does not see gas knob open and takes matchstick to light. Dylan comes there and gets shocked seeing her lighting the matchstick.

Dylan tells Dabbu to help him in ending his fear. She asks how. He asks her to start living with him, lets have a live in relationship. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ohh my god…he did not just ask that…!!

  2. omg how could he ask for livein relationship

  3. I think in the upcoming episodes Dabbu will reject Dylan’s proposal for live in relationship . Then Dylan will leave the city to stay away from dabbu. Lets see how dabbu will stop Dylan from leaving the city. There would be huge drama in the show. This information may be wrong because I have known from a source.

  4. no, its true i also heard that.. let’s c wat will happen next..

  5. Just love this serial, the episode was so awsome, ????

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