Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 2nd October 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with pandit telling Dabbu’s kundli dosh to everyone. They all get shocked. Mamta says this can’t happen. Bhu Devi says its fine, we came to know in time. Mamta asks for the solution for this, she will do anything. The pandit says I can’t avoid death. Bhu devi says there is just one way, break this marriage. She asks why are they staring at her, dosh is in Dabbu, she is saying this to stop the bad thing. Mamta asks pandit to check again. He says he would not say such big thing without being sure. Mamta cries and says its all my mistake. Dabbu cries and hugs her.

Mamta says I m sorry, I lied about the kundli, Lord is punishing me. LN says you are still doing mistake, I refuse to believe this kundli. He says who believes in kundli, times have changed. Binny

says yes, my kundli matched with Vicky, what happened, today I want to get divorce. Bhu devi says Shastra can’t be wrong. Dylan stops Bhu Devi and says I don’t believe in all this. Aseem says you are finished Dylan.

Dylan tells Mamta to look at him, he was afraid of marriage, and I have become brave now, I decided I want to spend my whole life with Debjani. Mamta says I m a mum, and can’t do this with another mum. Dylan says I believe in my relation and love more than kundli, if kundli makes me away from my loved ones, then I don’t believe this. LN says living afraid is not life. Dylan says I can’t stay without Dabbu, just bless me from your heart that I become your son, then nothing can happen to me. He hugs Mamta and asks her not to cry.

Dylan comes home and recalls what happened. Juliet asks is he worried because of pandit’s words. Dylan says no, I don’t believe in all this. He asks is she worried. She says no, I m happy to get Dabbu and such good family.

Its morning, Chandi does arrangements. Rajveer comes to her and says you look busy. She asks him to help, she got tired. He says fine, you take rest. He flirts with her. Aseem comes there thinking happiness won’t be here, it will be death. Rajveer tells Chandi that he will never let go away from him. She hugs him. Binny smiles seeing them and Rajveer goes. Mamta and LN get glad seeing them and Mamta says its good day, its all happiness around. LN says yes, I m really proud of you, you handled pandit matter well.

Its evening, Dylan comes with Abhimanyu and Juliet. Aseem sees him and tries aiming at him. Chandi and Eshu welcome them and take Dylan along. Dabbu gets ready and calls Shekhawat. He answers her call. She invites him in sangeet function and he ends call. She thinks the function will look incomplete without him. Eshu welcomes in the function and tells about Dabbu and Dylan. Aseem looks on and aims gun. He does not get clear shot and stops. Rajveer and Chandi dance on the song Dilli wali girlfiend…………. Everyone smile. Aseem tries aiming at Dylan. Everyone clap for Chandi and Rajveer. Aseem is about to shoot Dylan.

Aseem aims at Dylan and shoots….. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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