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The Episode starts with Aseem coming to Dabbu’s room and seeing Dylan close to her. He asks whats happening, being shocked and angry on Dylan. Dylan looks at him. Aseem asks what is he doing with her and asks Dabbu to see what is this cheap Dylan getting. Dylan says just shut up, you have a dirty mind, she was drunk and I came here. Aseem says I m sure you made her drink. Dylan calls her a low mindset man and Aseem argues. Aseem says you change your GF like clothes and calling me a bad man. Dylan asks him to see himself before pointing to him, he knows how he treats girls, he has ruined lives of many girls, he traps them and then leaves after using them, a girl did suicide because of him, she was his good friend, I did not have proof, else I would have got you arrested. Dylan scolds him.

Aseem takes it light and asks him to get out, Debjani is his responsibility, she is his Bhabhi’s younger sister, he came here on time.

Dylan holds his collar and asks him to think well before saying anything. He says Debjani is a really good girl and I can’t leave you here with her in this state, get out. He brings Aseem out of the room and looks on angrily. He says he is a wolf and he should not go in this room again. He locks the door and asks him not to go there. Dylan leaves. Aseem smiles as he has the master keys of the room.

Mamta worries for Dabbu and says I will call Dabbu again. She says she is not taking the call and worries. Chandi says she might be busy in work, call her later. Aseem gets inside the room and says Dylan, the wolf has got inside here. He looks at Dabbu and holds her. He calls her name and she is totally drunk. He thinks his work is done, he should give tip to manager, he should get to work now. He takes out his phone and starts recording the video. He gets near her and her phone rings. He gets the phone in her purse and sees Mamta’s call. He says he will talk to her and come.

He answers the call and Mamta asks about Dabbu. He says she slept in her room, she was tired, she left her phone with me, I will go to her to make her talk. She says no, let her sleep, take care of her,. Chadda has given warning again, we will not worry if you are there. He says don’t worry, I will take care of her. She thanks him and ends the call. He says its time now, that I take care of you all my life. He removes his jacket and opens his shirt. He gets close to her and touches her. Someone knocks the door. Aseem asks who is it. The man says room service. Aseem says he did not ask anything, go. The man says its urgent delivery and bangs the door. Aseem says coming and wears his jacket and takes his phone. He leaves the master keys there. He opens the door and Chadda’s goon catch him.

Aseem asks who are they. They ask who is he, whats his relation with Debjani, they want her, else he will shoot him. The door gets locked and Aseem says I m not related to her, leave me. The man asks what is he doing in her room. The man says take him along, and takes him. Dylan sleeps in his room and recalls Dabbu’s words. He smiles and says duffer, she did so many things, I hope she slept and calls her. He says if she is awake, he will make her have food, else if she is sleeping, she will not pick the call. Dabbu takes the call and he keeps the receiver. She gets up and holds her head. She says such a headache, I hope Dylan did not see me in this state.

She says how did I come in the room, don’t remember, what did I do yesterday night, I was with Dylan, hope I did not embarrass him, I should go and apologize to him. The goon hurts Aseem and asks about Debjani. Aseem says move off your hand. The goon beats him. Aseem asks who are they. The man asks does he know Chadda, they want Debjani, he was in her room, is he her special guy. Aseem says wait, I know Chadda, I m his special, ask him about me, he will tell me, we are one team man, Debjani is in her room, come, I will take you. They come to her room and he realizes he does not have the keys. He thinks he forgot it inside and tells the goon. The goon slaps him.

The man says did you get us to fool, ring the bell or knock, else break the door, give Debjani to us, else we will make you Debjani. Aseem thinks what to do, she will not open the door if he knocks. He asks room service lady to help them. He says he locked the room by mistake and asks her to open the door. She sees the goons and says she does not have permission. She asks him to talk at reception, they will check is this his room or not, then they will open the door. Aseem shows the media ID card and says these guys are from security. He says fine, I will call Prashant, he will not like that you doubted on guest. She says don’t call him, I will open the room. She opens the room by her keyset and they get inside. They do not find Dabbu there. Aseem is shocked. He says where did she go. The goons angrily stare him thinking he lied. Aseem says trust me, she was here, call Chadda, ask him about Aseem Sahani. The man says we will not call him at night. Aseem says he wil help them in finding her. The man asks why to trust you, you are from media. Dylan says Debjani you are torturing me at this time. She says I have headache, I don’t remember anything. Dylan says he has lifted her and took her to the room, she has troubled him a lot. She says sorry. He says when you ordered fresh lime soda, waiter did her alcohol, how did she not know, where was her focus. She says on you…. He looks at her.

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