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The Episode starts with Dylan asking Aseem to get lost. Aseem leaves angrily. Dabbu hugs Binny and cries. She apologizes to her. Binny says she is her younger sister, how can she think she can let anything wrong happen with her. Dabbu says I m sorry and hugs Mamta. Mamta says we love you and will not let you compromise with your happiness, we must be together. Dylan hugs his mum. She says all is well that ends well. LN asks Eshu not to move. Eshu says this is uncomfortable. He says some time more, where are they, they did not call, Mamta is unwell, did I do mistake sending Mamta there. Eshu says Binny and Dylan are with her. He hopes everything is fine.

Anji and Chandi stop the nurse going for Mamta’s checkup and lie to her that doctor checked her, and asked them to let mum sleep

and not disturb. Chandi asks her to go, she can’t disturb her. The nurse says it will take 2 mins. Chandi says fine, talk to doctor. She calls doctor Yash and he says don’t know they did the work or not, I m waiting for your mum here. She asks him to talk to nurse, she came to do checkup. He says what can I explain. She says its network problem, nurse has come, tell her that you checked my mum already.

He says oh I understood, give phone to nurse. He tells nurse that he has checked Mamta, let her rest. The nurse says fine and leaves. Chandi asks him is everything fine. He says they did not come from the temple. Mamta thanks Dylan’s mum for following Dabbu and informing them, she is more than angel for them. Dylan’s mum says even I m a mum, Debjani is a lovely girl. She blesses Dabbu and hugs her. Mamta thanks and blesses Dylan. She says forgive me for scolding you. He says I did what was right, which I should have done, take care. Dabbu smiles seeing him. Dylan smiles seeing her happy.

Dabbu thanks Lord for managing everything. Dylan prays with her. Yash comes and says we should leave now, I can lose job if senior doctor comes in round. Mamta asks Dabbu and Binny to come. Dabbu sees Dylan and stops. Nainon ko pata hai………….. plays………. She rushes to Mamta and holds her. She turns to see Dylan. He asks her to go and smiles.

Dabbu says we will go hospital, but how will we go in ICU. Binny says I told Chandi and Anji, they will be ready. Yash covers Mamta and brings her back. Chandi asks like getting hurt and Yash takes Mamta in ICU. Mamta rests on the bed and tells LN that she brought Dabbu. He says I knew you will do this. Yash asks her to relax and leaves. Eshu goes to change. The sisters have a talk about Dylan saving Dabbu. Mamta is thankful to Dylan. LN asks her not to talk much. Mamta says nothing will happen to me, I m fine now.

LN asks the girls to come, let Mamta rest. They go out. LN sits with Mamta. The sisters ask Dabbu why did she think to solve problems alone, she lied to them. Dabbu says sorry, I was confused, I did not wish to burden you all with my problems. Anji says you think so, they are Thakur Girls and we can solve the problem together, we are five fingers which club together. Chandi says we are best friends and soul mates too. Eshu says she had to lie on the bed wearing oxygen mask and they laugh. Anji thanks Yash for his help. Chandi says sorry for being rude, still he helped them. He says I have done this to save a life from spoiling. He goes. Dylan thinks about Dabbu. He calls Dabbu. Dabbu smiles and answers his call. He asks her about her and Mamta, are they fine. She says mum is fine, we reached on time, she is resting now. She thanks him. He says he did not do this for her. She asks if he did not call for her, why did he call. Music plays……….. He says I did this for your family, I m concerned for them, take care. They say bye and does not end call. She says take care. Nainon ko pata hai………plays……… Chandi comes and asks with whom is she talking. Dabbu ends call. Dylan smiles.

Phool says she is worried for Binny, as Binny has to stay in her Maayka forever. Everyone look on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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