Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 2nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone coming back home after the dinner and kulfi treat. Mamta is upset and goes inside. LN goes after her. They have a talk in the room, and Mamta is worried about Dabbu’s stars. He asks her to think how tough it is for Dabbu, that she did not keep up their hope, even then she is smiling for their sake, she is hiding her pain and you cried to make her more upset. She says I m her mum, I have seen her hidden pain so I cried, I m worried for her. She says she can’t bring fake smile on her face, so is she bad.

She argues with him and says she will show her worries today, and she is worried for Dabbu’s future, he is not understanding her. Dabbu comes to them and hears them. Mamta says nothing changed for Dabbu, she has to marry, she always had been behind

than her sisters by her bad fate, without any reason, its all because of her stars, she is not able to move ahead, I m accepting this truth and trying to do anything about it, when she does not get any good proposal like our other daughters, will she not feel bad, will she see her sisters’ better lives and spend her life, I will not let this happen, do anything you want. She says I will do something for my daughter, even if its Shastri’s solutions, I will call him. LN turns and sees Dabbu hearing them.

Dabbu says actually I came to ask that… Mamta sees her and gets sad. Dabbu asks do they need water. She leaves. Mamta goes after her and her neighbor lady says she heard them, bad happened with Dabbu. She says how will we tell all relatives, what will they think, I can’t see your pain. Mamta asks what does she want. She asks for jaggery and taunts them. Dabbu cries seeing the stars. LN comes to her and says stars are shining like you, think if there are so many stars, they don’t collide as they chose their way and walk on it, you will get everything, its all part of journey, problems come and it matter how person faces it. He pacifies her. The lady tells Mamta to find some guy for Dabbu, will she stay for Chandu for one more year. She takes the jaggery and leaves. Mamta worries and asks the lady where is she going. She says she will meet girls. Mamta says they are sleeping and she goes.

Dabbu says is my fear and lack of confidence… LN says no, you are very confident, you went for work after Shastri told all that, you read the report on tv. Dabbu says you are saying this to pacify me as I m your daughter, but I m have some problem, maybe I m insecure. She says Eshu says I reject people by the fear they reject me. He says no, you reject them as they don’t desrve me, listen your heart, small failure does not matter, you will win so big that everyone forget this failures. She smiles and hugs him. She thanks him and says I wish everyone thought like you. He says he has something for her, and gives a fortune choc. He blesses her and goes.

Dylan is with a girl and gives her a drink. He sits to relax and drinks with her. He says you are marrying Rohan, so honeymoon will be in Paris and he will expose his IT scams. She says you are so bad. He says its not my mistake. She says some girl will be there whom you love. He laughs and says this can’t happen. Dabbu smiles seeing the sky. The sisters decide where to sleep. Mamta comes and says I did not know Anji is staying here, I came to ask if Anant is coming. Anji says no, he has much office work. Mamta says you should have been there to serve him food. Anji says he had dinner at office.

Mamta says it looks good if wife welcomes when husband comes from office. Anji says you mean I don’t care for him. Mamta says I will make good dishes in breakfast, he will come to take you. She sees Dabbu and leaves. The girls have a talk about proposals coming for Dabbu. Eshu says first we will see then show you. They does not like the guy. Dabbu worries and they tease her.

Dabbu says no one can judge anyone, and Dabbu goes out to say what kind of guy she wants. She blushes and they follow her smiling. Dabbu says someone who rings heart bells, and someone who makes something happen. Eshu says that won’t happen. Dabbu asks how can she say and recalls the man behind the aquarium. She says something has happened and smiles.

Chandu asks Dabbu to come in her fashion show. They go in the event, Dabbu is stunned and gets nervous.

Update Credit to: Amena

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