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The Episode starts with Mamta getting caterer’s call. She asks for the menu list and ends call. She says tent men also did not come till now. Dylan and Juliet come and greet her. Dylan asks is she worried. Mamta says you know its Binny’s case hearing today, my mind is there, and tent and catering people did not start the work. Dylan and Juliet offer help. Mamta says we will not make groom’s family work. Juliet says its old fashioned, I don’t believe this, and want our children’s marriage to be done well. Mamta says I m glad that Dabbu got a saas like you. Dylan says Maa. Mamta says yes, Dabby got a Maa. Dylan asks about Dabbu. Mamta says she went out. Juliet thinks Dabbu went to meet Shekhawat. Mamta says she will get tea.

LN and Binny are in court case. Vicky’s lawyer,

his Mama ji says about Vicky to get children custody as Binny’s mental state is not right. He tells the instances. Binny cries. Malik says I feel this lawyer should be tv serial writer, as we see such stories on tv. Mama ji says serials are made by reality. Malik says I want to tell a truth and tells about the goon scaring Binny, whom Vicky has sent. Malik says Binny’s mistake is that was bearing torture by her husband and inlaws, He gives kids’ school report and says Binny has attended all PTMs, not Vicky, this can’t be any mental disorder symptoms, mum’s duty list is such long, and dad’s duty list is such blank, strange isn’t it?

The judge says after seeing the proof, its known Binny is responsible mum, the court is adjourned till next hearing. Binny and LN thank Malik. LN says Debjani’s marriage is in few days, we want you to come. Vicky and his mum hear this. Vicky says who is this new lawyer who came as their savior. Mamta tells this good news of Binny winning case hearing to Dylan. Dabbu comes home and is glad knowing this. She asks when did they come. Dylan says we came long time back, where were you, she can tell about any special meeting. Juliet knows Dabbu met Shekhawat. Dabbu says I went to parlor and feels sorry to lie to Dylan.

Mamta says you came on right time, we will decide the venue. Dabbu asks whats the need, I want marriage and all functions to happen at home. Mamta says there are many guests. Dabbu says its my marriage, I have many memories from this house, and want to have bidaai from here. Vicky talks to Aseem and says Malik is clever, I m worried about case, and you know Dabbu is marrying Dylan. Aseem says don’t worry, this marriage did not happen. He says its because of you, my secret came out, you all insulted me a lot, I will see how this marriage happens. He burns Dylan’s pic and recalls how LN slapped him. He says I will change your headline and lifeline. He recalls Binny’s slap and sees live feed of Dabbu’s home, as Mamta is doing arrangements. Aseem went to do decorations and met Mamta in disguise. Mamta says I m glad you are managing both decorations and catering. He has fixed camera there to keep an eye on them. He says foolish woman, this arrangements are not for happiness, but to make you all cry, Vicky just see, I will count and take revenge from them.

Mamta asks Binny to see everything and no one will make Dabbu work. She says Anji can’t come, she is studying Masters and has her exams now, she wants Dabbu and Dylan to go for honeymoon there. Dabbu finds it exciting. Rajveer drops Chandi and says he won’t miss her calls now. She says its okay. He says I will make everything fine, enjoy the marriage atmosphere at your home. He kisses her hand. They smile. He asks her to go now and leaves. She turns and sees Mamta and her sisters. Mamta asks Chandi to come and talk.

She says she knows everything. Chandi asks everything? Mamta says you felt mum won’t know it, Rajveer is a good valued guy, I like him a lot, I wish his family likes you. Chandi says actually… Dabbu and Binny sign no to Chandi. Dabbu asks Chandi not to take tension, mum said yes, it means its yes from everyone. She hugs Mamta. Binny tells Chandi that they will tell mum when right time comes.

Its morning, Malik and Binny come to have coffee before going to court. Vicky bribes the waiter. Binny falls by the broken chair and Malik holds her. Vicky records this and says he will present the proof in court this time. Malik sees Vicky and runs after him. He catches Vicky and raises hand. Binny stops Malik. Malik takes the camcorder. Binny sees her and Malik’s pics in it. She says I did not imagine Vicky will fall so low, she is ashamed that he is father of her children. Shekhawat drinks and recalls Dylan. FB shows how Shekhawat threw Dylan’s prize and always behaved rude to him. He recalls Dabbu’s words.

Aseem enters Dabbu’s house in disguise. Dylan comes there and hears Aseem talking on phone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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