Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 29th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Mamta asking Dylan to come as Dabbu is waiting. Dylan says I m coming soon. Chandi asks what did he say. Mamta acts serious and says he said maybe.. Dabbu asks is he coming. Mamta laughs and says he is coming. Chandi says she is waiting for Dylan and not care for us. They all laugh. Dylan comes when Dabbu is sleeping. Eshu goes out smiling. Dylan sits with Dabbu and smiles seeing her. She opens eyes and sees him. She asks did he really come or is she dreaming. He says dreaming and smiles. He says I m really here, relaz and higher the bed.

She says she was waiting for him since yesterday. He says I m so sorry, I was stuck in work, once I finish this work, I will spend time. He asks is homefood allowed here. She says no, my sisters got it. They laugh and he asks

her to have food. She says I m not hungry. He says he is hungry seeing the tasty food and asks her to have some. She agrees. He makes her have the food. Neend na aaye…………..plays………. She thanks him for saving her life and holds his hand. He reacts and she asks is he hurt. She says little bit, a bullet… She says bullet, and worries. He says bullet just touched and passed, I m fine, they wanted to kill you, the man’s aim was not right and you got saved. She asks was his aim wrong or you came in between, it means you did this to save me. She cries.

He wipes her tears and says he can do anything for her. He says he hs to say a lot, but this place and time are not right, he will tell his feelings very soon. She says me too and they smile holding hands. He says he got some sweets for her. She says its sweet you came for me. He laughs and says you are very filmi. Mamta and LN come and see Dabbu laughing. LN asks whats the joke. Dylan says we were just talking, and Dabbu is very filmy. LN says yes, the country is seeing her sting operation. Dylan says I know that and they play Tv to show the news. Dabbu asks how did they get recording. Dylan says police did raid and got the camera, which had the footage saved, they all got arrested, you have done it. Dabbu sees Tara arrested.

Mamta says she won’t let Dabbu do this again. Dabbu says I will be double careful next time, I m fine. Chandi and Eshu come and fight saying they will say, that Dabbu is getting discharged tomorrow. Dylan says he will leave now, and come in morning. He greets them and leaves.

Its morning, Dabbu is brought home by Dylan and family. Mamta stops Dabbu and does her bad sight off. She does her tilak and aarti, and welcomes Dabbu. Mamta blesses Dabbu and Dylan’s Jodi and their happiness. Eshu tells Dabbu that we can bet that Mamta is making their Jodi in her dream world. Binny asks Mamta to let them come inside. They all make Dabbu rest. Mamta asks Dylan will he have tea. He says sure, I was going to say now. He gets a call and is shocked. They all look at him. He says I know we went through bad news in last few days, but this is good news, I would like to share with everyone, our news channel is getting best news channel award and I m getting best media personality award. Dabbu says congrats.

Dylan says congrats to you Dabbu, you made this possible, you deserve this award, so you will share this when I go to stage to receive it. He insists. They all smile. Mamta says she will get some sweets too and asks Dylan to have dinner with them. Dylan says I will come if you cook. Mamta says fine, I will just come. Mamta cooks and asks Anji not to cry, Dabbu is fine now. She cooks while talking on phone. Mamta asks Eshu to get kirana items soon and gives her a list.

Dylan says he is leaving early today and no meetings for him. He gets his mum’s call. She asks him to come home, she has made his fav food. He says hold on, actually… She asks is there any problem. He says some plan. She says I know you are going on dinner at Dabbu’s place, Mamta invited me, I said I will come next time, you go there. Dylan smiles. She asks him to get cupcakes, and change shirt too. He asks her to mail dos and donts list. She laughs and asks him to enjoy.

Its night, dinner arrangements are done. Dabbu looks on and smiles, thinking she waited for this moment that Dylan comes home and dines with her family. Dabbu waits for him. Mamta says milk man has come now, how will we make wish. Binny says its still time. Mamta teases Dabbu and says we will treat him well. Dylan is on the well and talks to lawyer, saying he is doing all this, why is he doing suicide, it won’t be any use. The lawyer says I m managing, just get info from Sunaina soon, try to fasten. Dylan says we can’t lose, I m close to Sunaina, she did not tell me yesterday, give me some time, I will call you back. He ends call and says whenever I plan to meet Dabbu, something happens, I have to go to meet her and I m…..

Dabbu and everyone wait for Dylan. Dabbu says we will start eating food, I know everyone is hungry. Mamta says I called, he did not receive, maybe he is driving. Dabbu says he will come, lets start eating. Mamta says it won’t look good. Dabbu says so what, we invited and he did not come till now. She thinks if he does not come, she will not forgive him and not see him. She thinks our relation either this side or that.

Dylan comes to meet Dabbu and joins them for dinner. He gets tensed seeing lipstick marks on his shirt.

Update Credit to: Amena

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