Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 29th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dylan scolding the female staff for not hiding her identity and failing the sting operation. She says she fixed the meeting with the man who makes the girls meet the producer, but now she can’t meet him as a struggling actor. Dylan says we have to do the sting operation, all my staff is busy, where to get someone. Dabbu is irritated by making tea for Dylan. She comes to Dylan and he thinks what to do. She gives her the honey lemon tea and gives the file. Dabbu says she is free today. The lady sees her and thinks she can be sent for the sting operation, as she looks free. Dylan stops Dabbu and says we got the struggling actress.

He says when it comes to her, I m never sure, but we don’t jave any solution. He asks Dabbu to reach mall and its her first assignment

and wishes her all the best. LN and Mamta have a talk and he shows the wallet, which looks light after she took it. She laughs. Dabbu reaches the mall and Dylan prepares her by putting the mic in her shoulder. He asks her to remember, its sting operation, the man should not doubt who is she, if he knows, it will be bad. She says she got a good work and she will do this. She asks will he forgive the fine if she does the work good. He says fine, think this, but no mistake.

She says I will die, but not back off. He says that’s the spirit. She thinks she is very scared and says I m fine. He asks her to practice, her name is Naina and is struggling actor and that man name is Sunny. He fits another mic in her hair. She thinks he is so close and why is she thinking about him, no guy came close to her like this before. He asks her name. She says Debjani Thakur. He says she is not ready and will never be. She says who Debjanu, I m Naina. He smiles and sends her. She prays. He says Naina and she turns. He says all the best. She says thanks. He says she is mad.

Phool and Mamta are also in the same shopping mall and have a talk. Dabbu comes to meet Sunnu and he looks at her dressing. Dylan sits near them and keeps an eye on him. Dabbu meets Sunny and asks in which school he studies. Dylan asks is she hiring him, and asks her to talk about film. Dabbu asks him did he do casting in films. Dylan asks her to ask did he help the girls. The man holds her hand and asks her to tell about her. Dylan looks on and says such a creep.

Dabbu takes her hand back. Dylan says good, keep that confidence. The man asks what will she do ahead, if she takes her hand back. Dabbu nods. Dylan asks her not to get tensed, he will tell everything in 15mins. Mamta and Phool come to the café to have food. Dylan asks Dabbu to ask what she has to do to get the role, she can’t wait. Dabbu keeps the purse camera and says she does not know to move back, tell me what to do. Dylan says not bad Debjani.

Phool sees Debjani with the man and smiles. She shows Mamta to see Debjani. Mamta says yes, whats Dabbu doing here. Phool says Dabbu is going ahead. Mamta says maybe she came for office work, you can ask her. They go to Dabbu, while Dabbu is trying to get the info out from the man. She asks what to do to become heroine. The man says don’t; worry. Dabbu sees Mamta and gets shocked. Phool asks what is she doing here. The man says Dabbu… Dylan asks who are these people, what the hell is going on. Dabbu says its my petname. Mamta says yes, you will know her real name.

Dabbu asks her what are they doing here. Phool says she is hiding something. Dylan loses hope. Dabbu says its nothing like they are thinking. Phool says the man looks good, is Dabbu having affair with him, and asks his name and salary. Dylan asks who is this weird aunty. Dabbu says she is my aunty. Dylan says make them leave. The man says I m leaving. Dylan says mission abort and failed, I should have not chosen you for this mission.

Dylan gets angry and regrets to choose Dabbu. He says I m leaving from here and gets up. He bumps into Mamta and says sorry. Mamta says its fine. Dabbu thinks she has to do this work. She tells Mamta to take Phool, she came for work. Phool says no, I will be here and have food with them. Mamta takes her. Dabbu stops the man and asks him to sit, as the work is not done and he asks about her family. She lies to him and thinks to fool him, and what would Anji do if she was in her place. She acts like Anji and deals with him well. She asks what does she need to do to become a heroine, a superstar. He smiles and asks shall I say.

She says she will get coffee for us. He smiles. She goes to get coffee and smiles. Chandi does not like any proposals on the sites and says its so depressing. The man gets the producer’s call and says don’t worry, your work is done, the girl is very eager to become heroine. The producer says he will not leave him, if he does not get the girl. Sunny says your work is done. Dabbu thinks Dylan is gone, where did he go, I will also leave. Sunny smiles seeing her. She thinks how to go, I will say him its family emergency. She comes to Sunny and says she has to go, her uncle met with an accident. He thinks producer chose her as lead. She thinks maybe he will tell something. He asks her not to let the change go. She recalls Dylan’s words and thinks if she leaves this chance, she can’t prove herself to be good journalist.

Sunny asks Dabbu to tell producer to say him what she can do, make him happy and expose herself. She is stunned and everything ets recorded. She comes to Dylan and asks him to see the CD. He throws it outside. She says he has thrown the sting operation CD and he is stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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