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The Episode starts with everyone being happy that Dabbu is fine. The doctor asks them to stand outside, he will call them once he stabilizes her. Dylan smiles seeing Dabbu. They all come out. Mamta thanks him for saving Dabbu’s life, we all lost hope, you did not, you brought her back, Dabbu loves you a lot and listens to you, this is big favor on us. Dylan asks her not to say this and hugs her. LN says Lord gave us a son today. The girls apologizes to Dylan for scolding him. Dylan hugs them. The doctor says Dabbu is fine now, she will get conscious in some time, she is out of danger. Mamta says she wants to see her and he allows them. Dylan gets a call from Sunaina.

His mum asks will he not see Dabbu. Dylan says he has to solve this problem soon, so that they can move ahead in

life. He asks his mum to see Dabbu, she is fine now, tell her I will come to meet her soon. She asks him to come soon, and he leaves. Dabbu opens her eyes and sees her family. She talks to them. Mamta and LN kiss her forehead. Dabbu says she is better now. Chandi jokes and makes her smile. They all make plans. Dabbu looks for Dylan. Dylan’s mum says he had to go for some work, work is not imp for him, but he wants to end it and come to you. Mamta says he was here with you, his trust was strong and brought you back, else we thought…. We lost you.

Binny says Dylan was in pain seeing you, he got a life when you got fine. Chandi asks her not to be upset, and calls Dylan. Dylan asks Chandi is he fine. Dabbu talks to him and asks couldn’t he meet her and go. He smiles and says it looks you got fine. He asks her to get well soon, he wants to see her smiling always, she does not look good ill. He says when my work ends, hospital’s visiting hours will end, and promises to meet her in morning. She ends the call and cries. Dylan gets teary eyed and smiles. He thinks to end Sunaina’s chapter soon to stay with the one with whom his heart wants to lie.

He meets Sunaina and she hugs him, saying he is very caring, he stayed in hospital for his office employee, that’s really touching. She says we have come very close and our relationship is not casual, its very special, and after long, she felt so strong for someone, so she wants to tell him about her past. He looks at her and wishes she tells him everything, as he had been waiting for this. He says thanks for trusting me, that’s sweet, you can tell me without any hesitation, I will not judge you.

She smiles and says actually, let it be, its not anything serious. He asks what the hell is wrong with you, you don’t trust me. She asks why is he shouting. He thinks he can’t let her doubt on him. He asks her to think how would he feel, they are close, right, there should be no secrets between us, I m feeling bad and got angry, I m sorry. She says I need more time. He thinks I don’t have time. She says I want to see future of our relation, I will tell you that day. He says I respect your feelings, I m here with you. He thinks she is very clever and he won’t lose easily, he will find her secret.

Phool asks Mamta to call pandit ji and get puja done, as girls are facing problems. Mamta says no, I understood that it all happened for good and tells her about Anji, Binny and Dabbu. She says everything will be fine, I will not show kundli to anyone. Phool leaves. LN comes to Mamta. Mamta says she made Dabbu’s fav food and packing it. Binny says hospital will not let Dabbu eat this food. Mamta says we will convince them.

Dabbu tells nurse that she can’t eat this food. The nurse says its healthy. Dabbu says I will feel ill eating this. The nurse asks her to have it. Dabbu shuts mouth. LN says hospital has some rules, do anything, come fast. The girls send Mamta, and say they will bring the tiffin. The guard says outside food is not allowed. Mamta says I cooked at my home and asks LN to say. Eshu says dad said its not allowed. Binny says we will go to Dabbu. LN takes tiffin from Mamta and says I will keep it back. The sisters feed Mamta’s handmade food to Dabbu. Mamta says Dabbu would not eat food here, she would be hungry. She sees the girls making Dabbu eat homemade food.

Mamta asks how did this come here. Chandi says we knew you will not be allowed, so we packed it for Dabbu. Dabbu asks Mamta to take her home. Mamta says we will take you when doctor says. Dylan talks to lawyer and says he did not get to know anything, if you don’t do your work, its no use. The lawyer says it will take time. Dylan says Sunaina is in my control, I risked many things, I don’t have more time. The lawyer says I will fasten my process. Dylan gets a call and Mamta asks when will he come. Dabbu is sad, and missing him. Dylan smiles and says I will come soon, promise. He thinks I should be with Dabbu now, but I m helpless, I will come to you soon.

Dabbu thanks Dylan for saving her life and holds his hand. She asks is he hurt. He says just a bullet, I can do anything for you, I have to tel you something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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