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The Episode starts with Dylan coming to Dabbu’s home. He says sorry, the door is open, so I came inside. Dabbu calls out for help. Dylan uses mobile torch and goes to her. He switches on the lights and asks what happened. She says you killed the atmosphere here as she planned the date for him, and got hurt. He says date plannings are done by guys. She asks why did he not plan then. He says sorry, I won’t do this again. He lights the candles and asks where is her family. She says everyone went out. He smiles and says are you blind in my love. She says no, by your torch light. He switches off the lights and blows in her eyes. Music plays…………

He asks is she better now. She says yes, I can clearly see now. He asks her to see there. She smiles seeing the candles. He says let

the boys do their work. She says I agree. He asks what did she plan for him. She says you tell me what should they do now. He says I can give many ideas, you did much planning, so I want to hear from you, what did you think. She says actually, I want to ask something. He goes to her and asks her to ask. She says its right time and place, what do you think about my plan. He says it will be better if you say, I have many things in my mind. She says you think anything. He asks her to say.

She says I have to ask something, shall I? He says yes. Chandi, Binny and Eshu come there and smile seeing their date. They all say congrats hearing Dylan’s yes. Dabby asks what are they doing here. Chandu says we did not get entry in movie hall, as Eshu is not 18. Dabbu says you should have seen cartoon movie. Binny says we wanted to see movie going on at home. Dylan says you guys are not realizing I m here and its embarrassing for me, why were you congratulating me, does Dabbu know it, and or is she confused too. Dabbu signs them, and says no, I told them about journalist award nominations. Dylan says no, nothing is confirmed. They say advance wishes.

Dylan says I think I should leave. Dabbu says sure. Chandi says sorry to crash the date. Dabbu says no, the ambience was just set, it gets disturbed by extra people. Dylan says take care. Dabbu says I will leave you till outside and see these three after coming inside. She says all the plan got bad, I think the stars are still sleeping. Dylan asks what happened, is she upset as date got spoiled. She says not just date, I had to say something. He asks is there any problem. She says no. He says he will plan a date and take her in boys style. She says fine. He asks what she has to ask him. She thinks to ask him, as its dim lights at night. He asks why is she seeing here and there, just ask.

She walks to him and the lamp gets off. She stops and says no, let it go. He says I guess, tonight is not the night, its fine, you give a good smile and I will go home well. She smiles. He asks for a small hug as bonus. She hugs him and they smile. He says goodnight and leaves. She says how can anyone propose when street light also goes. Binny says Dabbu did not propose Dylan and we misunderstood. Eshu says it became a joke. Chandi says why did Dylan say yes. Dabbu comes angrily and says yes is common word, and its used by many people, and scolds them. She says she asked Dylan can she ask him anything and he said yes. They all apologize to Dabbu.

Its morning, Binny thinks why did Vicky not come to talk about kids. Vicky comes to her and says I was sure you will call me. She says I was saying to withdraw the custody case. He says I came to you to take you and kids, and apologized. They have an argument. He leaves. Dabbu and Dylan are on the way in car. She thinks she could not propose yesterday, don’t know would she get chance today. Dylan tells about some husbands and marriage begins problems. She asks is marriage a problem. He tells about some MLA story and she says our story is still incomplete. He asks what. She says we will complete our date by going on lunch, you will be glad. He says we will see.

Chandi comes to some restaurant and thinks who are they with whom Mamta is talking about her marriage. She sees a family there and greets them. She sits away and sees the couple staring at her. She gets Rajveer’s call. Rajveer tells Chandi about two dresses more for Mandy, for her sangeet. He says he wants easy to change dress, come soon. She says she can’t come now, she is in café, Mamta got some proposal. He says sorry. She says no issues, I will come.

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