Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dylan asking Dabbu to clean his house. She says how can I do all this. He says who else will do then and you said its small work. He says its your dog, clean the house. She says I can’t. He says I don’t want to know anything, and scares her saying he will torture her in office, that she will curse herself, so it will be better if she cleans his home now. Eshu says sorry, I got late to discuss strategy for next match. Chandi says could you not say we are waiting. Anji says lets move now and the car does not start. Anji says we should send this car to junkyard. Chandi says don’t nag for small things.

Anji calls Anand and says the car stopped. He says relax, he will send the new car for her. She says I will do something, and I agree to the car buying thing.

Chandi says we will take lift now else push the car. Anji says alright, push the car. She says she will call Anand and say him to send a car. She smiles seeing some men and signs Chandi. She says why did the car stop suddenly and the men ask what happened, we will help.

She says how sweet and they push the car. Anji says we are Thakur girls, we don’t work and make others work. Dabbu says if Anji sees me working, what will she say. Dylan asks her to start working. Dabbu takes the sweepstick and asks him to help her. Dylan says yes, I will help by checking you are cleaning well or not. Dabbu cleans the house. Dylan asks her to focus on work and clean fast. Dabbu gets annoyed and thinks she is helpless.

He says he will file on her, and she says she will pay. He says 76000rs.She says all this is junk. He says its art. She says what art, its sold on footpaths, I will get it for you. He says do your work. She says she knows someone who knows art and everything. She calls someone and asks Dylan to hear. She calls Vicky and asks for his help. Vicky says about his business. She says she wants to know about some items and asks vase and describes the lamp.

Vicky says he will get everything, and asks her to send pics. She asks Dylan does he have the pics in their normal state. Dylan says yes, when I buy art, I take pics, as I don’t know I will have some mad girl who will break the things, end the call and work. Dabbu says she will call later. Binny serves him tea. Sonu and Monu fight. Vicky tells her that her dad is buying costly things and when he asks for help, he does not help him. Binny thinks they did not tell me about renovating home.

Dabbu sees food and feels hungry. She says I will have it and Dylan comes there in towel. She says what an item, OMG, its good its covered, I can’t wait. Dylan is stunned as she sees the food and comments and he thinks she is saying seeing him. Dabbu says I will eat it and leave all the shame. He says no way and covers himself with a bedsheet. She asks what is she saying, no shame. She says are you not ashamed to come like this infront of a girl.

He says its my private place, I can roam any way. She says its mirror wall, you should wear clothes. He asks her to leave. She asks about one thing, if he is with anyone inside, can anyone see them from outside. He asks do you want to see, keep your imaginations to yourself, I can see junk there, go and clean it. She leaves. He sees the food and says so she was saying such strange things seeing food. The men push the car and Anji smiles. Mamta tells Binny that she does not know anything, she will ask Dabbu and tell her. Dylan asks Dabbu to clean well by putting water. She plays music and cleans. She plays O womaniyan………..

Mamta calls Dabbu and says Binny called and told about the items, why do you need it. Dabbu says its long story, I will tell later. The water falls near the music system and she does not see it. The girls reach the home and thanks the men for being so kind and good to help them. Eshu says our dad will be happy seeing you, justice LN Thakur. They ask them to come inside. They thank them and say they have some urgent work. They leave.

Dabbu says finally everything got cleaned. Dylan gets ready and asks her to go, he has to leave for office. She says yes, its very cleaned. He asks why did she remove the plug. She says sorry, I removed to clean. He connects the plug and the music system burns by the short. She is stunned. Dylan gets angry on her. She says your face. He says what happened to my face and turns to see his face blackened. He shouts Debjani.

Dylan talks to a woman and asks Dabbu to go for a sting operation. Dabbu meets the man and Dylan stays nearby to keep an eye on them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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