Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 27th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Dabbu getting critical and doctors treating her. Everyone get worried and pray for her. The doctor says she is sinking, I have to take her for surgery soon. LN says but you flushed all the drugs. The dctor says I think some drug has gone in her organs, she can have cardiac arrest too. Mamta cries and they see Dabbu being taken to OT. Mamta says you will get fine and recalls her words. LN says she is my fighter daughter, and recalls Dabbu’s words. Dylan recalls Dabbu’s words and gets sad. He holds her hand. The doctor says we will try out best, pray that operation is successful. The operation starts and everyone wait outside praying.

Binny says we should inform Anji. LN says no, she is alone there, we will inform when Dabbu gets fine, else she will worry.

Chandi cries and says Dabbu will fight with this problem too. Dylan sits tensely and his mum consoles her. He says its my mistake, I should have been with Dabbu. I was not feeling to send her, but still I have sent her, I should have been with her, if anything happens to her, what will I do. She asks him not to think bad, and be positive.

She says love has much strength, see Dabbu will be fine soon. Dylan recalls Dabbu’s words and cries. He gets Sunaina’s call and ends it. Sh says whats wrong with him, and calls again. Dylan says he is busy. She asks what busy, is anyone dying. He scolds her and asks how dare she talk like this. She asks why is he shouting on her, how rude. He says his colleague met with an accident, I m in hospital, we are praying for her. She says I m sorry, take care, I will call later.

Rajesh greets Dylan and asks about Dabbu. Dylan holds his collar and asks why did you not call me. Rajesh says I called you many times, you did not take my call. Dylan recalls Sunaina taking his phone and hugs Rajesh. He says sorry, I remember you called me, my mind is not working. Rajesh says sometimes things are out of control even after our planning, have belief in Lord. Dylan asks him to go.

The doctor comes and says Dabbu is a fighter, she is stable now. They are relieved. Mamta asks can we see her. The doctor says fine, first let us shift her in ICU, and no disturbance there. They all smile and go to see Dabbu in ICU. Mamta asks her to get fine soon, they are waiting. Dabbu opens her eyes and sees them. Dylan apologizes to Dabbu and says he will always be with her, he is happy that she is fine. Dabbu gets unwell and they all get worried.

Dylan says call doctor fast. The doctor checks Dabbu and Dylan asks what happened, you said she is fine. The doctor says she is having cardiac arrest. Dabbu gets unconscious and they all get shocked. The doctor tries giving some shocks to revive her heart beat and says we have lost her, I m sorry she is no more. They get stunned and cry. The doctor goes. Dylan ask Dabbu to get up, and shouts, saying she can’t die like this. He asks her to talk to him, and she always troubles him, she have to talk to me today, she has to live her life, she can’t live me like this, she knows I will get angry. He sits there and cries holding her hand. He says he will die without her, and ask her to get up. They all cry.

Dabbu’s finger moves and he gets stunned. He says she moves her finger, I m not lying. He asks them to see her hand moving. He says call the doctor, and machines shows some readings. He rushes to call doctor. Dabbu starts breathing. The doctor checks her pulse and says she is alive, it’s a miracle. They all wipe tears and smile.

Mamta thanks Dylan for saving Dabbu. LN says Lord gave us a son today. Dabbu talks to Dylan and asks why did he not meet her before going. He is on the way and gets sad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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