Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 27th August 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chandi asking Dabbu about her plan. Dabbu says she is thinking. Chandi says she has solid idea. Dabbu asks really? Chandi says yes, imagine you are Dylan are going on long drive, and super romantic song is playing…. Baahon me chale aao………. Dabbu imagines Dylan, and they are going on long drive. She asks him to stop the car and brings him on a special date. He asks whats all this. She says we both love each other a lot, I think we should take next step, will you marry me….

She comes out of imagination. Binny says its flop idea, many things can go wrong in your plan, rewind it, I will say. The scene shows the car stopping on the rough road. Chandi asks Binny to say her plan. Binny asks Dabbu to imagine wearing a beautiful saree, and taking tea for

Dylan. Dylan says I will have tea later, tell me why did you call me here. Dabbu hesitantly says I called you to say…. He asks what…. Eshu says oh please, this is old fashioned, this is fool proof. Eshu says no, you know what will happen, rewind and see…. The scene rewinds and shows Dabbu making the tea fall on Dylan.

Dabbu says Eshu is right, this plan is flop. Eshu asks Dabbu to message and ask Dylan. Dabbu says yes, and stops. She says I m mad, how can I ask such imp thing on text message. Eshu says its fast times, its cool, text him. Dabbu says its not cool, I m big fool to listen to you all, you all confuse me, don’t come after me. She goes. They ask her to listen.

Its morning, Binny comes to the kids with breakfast. Sonu asks LN to take holiday today. Binny asks them to have food and go school. Sonu refuses. LN says don’t say so. Binny scolds the kids. Vicky’s mum comes with her lawyer brother Pinnu Mama and asks is this way to scold the kids. Binny gets shocked seeing her. The kids hug their Dadi. Pinnu Mama asks Binny not to call him Mama now, he has come here as a lawyer. He gives her the notice. Binny gets shocked seeing child custody notice. LN asks what does this mean. Vicky comes there and asks LN does he not understand of legal notice being a judge, he wants divorce and custody of both kids.

His mum says she loves the kids a lot, come with her. Binny stops her. LN says enough. The kids cry. Binny says you did good Vicky for what all I did, you left me here and your mum has stopped me from coming there. LN asks Vicky why is he doing this when he wanted to apologize. Vikcy says he wants his kids at any price. Binny says you will never get the custody of my kids. Vicky’s mum scolds Binny, and says we have come here to take our grandchildren, I will get a good wife for Vicky. Binny says enough, I won’t give my kids to you, you don’t have good values which they need, they want good upbringing, which you can’t give. Vicky says enough Binny. LN shouts Vicky… you want to decide in court, fine we will meet in court, get out from my house. Vicky leaves with his mum and Mama. LN hugs Binny and asks her not to cry, he won’t let anything happen to her and kids, he will consult a good divorce lawyer.

Chandi tells Rajveer that she checked all the lists, she designed clothes for everyone, who else is there. He says pandit ji. She says I m seeing this for first time, but you will keep marriage in Gurudwara. He says yes, Mandy wants filmi wedding. She asks why is he worried. He says we did not decide where to send Mandy for honeymoon. She says Paris, its romantic place, I wish to go. He says he went there for work. She asks did he like the place. He says no, I like my state.

The pandit ji comes and gives his measurements to Chandi. He says he likes to see kids happy and checks Chandi’s hand. He checks Raj’s hand and smiles. He says your lines are showing you are made for each other. Chandi looks at Rajveer. She says no. The pandit ji says yes, I m saying true, you both chose right time for marriage. Rajveer says its my sister’s marriage, Chandi is my friend, designer. Rajveer and Chandi look at each other.

Dylan waits for Dabbu and gets her call. He says he was thinking about her, why did she not come office. She says she took leave. He asks her to come. She asks why. He says I don’t feel like working in your absence. She says that’s really sweet, I m sure you might be blushing. He says don’t know, there is no mirror here. She says she took this leave for him, and asks him to come at her home at 8. He asks is everything okay. She says better than okay. He says fine, I will come at sharp 8. She says see you soon, I will be waiting. She gets many shopping bags and says today it will be better. She sees Binny crying and gets worried. LN tells her everything. He asks Dabbu to talk to Binny, and he will take leave from office.

Dabbu says I can’t imagine Vicky can do this. Binny says he can’t change, he planned so bad to get dad’s property. She asks about the shopping bags. Dabbu says leave it, I will cancel plan with Dylan. Binny asks why, for me, no way, I m not confused about myself, I will not go back to Vicky now, he can never change, its clear for me, I will fight for my kids custody and stay with them, I won’t be able to forgive myself if I become hurdle for my family, I want to participate in your happiness, you propose Dylan today. Dabbu hugs her and cries.

Dylan and Dabbu are on date at her home. He asks why did she send her family away, whats her plan. She says actually, I wanted to ask something. He asks her to ask him and gets close.

Update Credit to: Amena

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