Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mamta getting a call. She switches on the tv and receives the call from Binny. Binny says why does she receive calls late, she gets worried. She says her mum in law has knee pain, if she told before, they would have not done renovation of home. Mamta asks whats connection. Binny says doctor said she shoukd get knee surgery and we have spent money on the cupboards. She says you understand Anji easily. Mamta says wait, call is coming and sees Anji calling. She says you both love each other, see you took her name and she is calling.

Mamta says I will try conference call, Eshu taught me. She talks to Anji and Binny together. Anji asks Binny to say some fresh news. She asks about Dabbu. Mamta says she went office. Anji says yes I forgot she joined the job. Binny

says her brother in law gave her the job. Binny says I m coming there. Anji says me too and she will pick her. Dabbu talks to Moti and Aseem says he came to know everything. She asks what did everyone say, that I m big duffer and left big scoop. She says I could not take pic as mum’s call came and they had to leave.

Aseem says he understands. She asks whats Dylan’s problem, can’t he see my talent. He says I don’t know, maybe he does not like her, she should not think of such useless people, and focus on her work.He leaves. Dabbu sits to work. She thinks Aseem and Dylan are so different, I wish Aseem was my boss, but its fine if Dylan the villain is my boss, she will impress him.

She gets a call from NGO lady Sheetal who says Dylan has sent the legal notice, where will the animals go. Dabbu says I m with them, I will talk to Dylan. The sisters meet and Chandi asks Anji about the new gift by her husband. Binny says I have my children, the best gift given by Vicky. Anji feels sad. Binny says this gift is also very nice. Phool Devi comes running and says give me Chandi’s good pic, I m going in marriage and I will show it to some people for her marriage.

She likes Anji’s gift and taunts Binny’s fate who did not have jewelry and Anji’s fate that she does not have children. Mamta looks on. Anji said Sonu and Monu are my children too, who told you I don’t have children. Binny says yes, and Anji’s jewelry is mine. Anji makes her wear the bangle and they smile. Mamta hides the pic and says she did not get any good pic. Phool Devi leaves and they hug happily.

Anji says she can say Binny anything, but not anyone else. Binny says yes, no one can say Anji anything. They hug. Dabbu thinks she will not leave Dylan and goes inside the cabin. He talks on phone and says audience wanted to see, we should air that and taunts Dabbu. He asks her to use her mind and eyes. He says apologize soon and leave. She says I did not come to say sorry, I came to talk about Bezubaan NGO. He says you can’t talk about NGO in office, whats your problem. She says I want to know the same.

He says just work in office. She sees a dog idol gift sent to Dylpan on his dog’s birthday. Dylan says how cute and checks it. Dabbu looks on and thinks he likes dogs, seeing him smiling. She says he is rude and is loving that dog toy, I think he likes dogs, why is he hesitant to accept this, maybe to maintain his rude image. She smiles and says I got this idea, I m so smart.

Dylan says I m trying so much to open the gift. He sees white chocolates and asks the peon to keep it for his children. He laughs on dogs. Chandi tells Eshu and Dabbu what Anji and Binny did. Dabbu tells about Dylan. Eshu asks her what dad said, go and talk to her. Dabbu says he won’t agree. Chandi asks her to think how to talk to him. Eshu says maybe he likes something. Chandi says talk to Anji, she is smart when it comes to handle men. Dabbu says I got it.

Its morning, Dylan cooks food and is glad. Dabbu takes a dog and thinks they will win the fight together. Dylan says time for some breakfast and the door bell rings. He says who came at this time. Dabbu rings the bell. Dabbu brings the dog. Dylan asks how did she reach his home. She says you said office work in office and outside work outside. She says the dog will talk to him, he is union leader Shera and he asks her to leave. She asks him to see in his eyes and his feelings, he is calling him and saying he should support him. He asks her to go out from his home. She asks him to touch the dog and see once. He says keep it away, its street dog, I can get any disease.

She says no, its safe, he gets regular shots. She says kiss him Sheru. Dylan gets tensed and says no, no and moves back. He says I hate dogs. The dog messes his home and breaks many things. Dylan gets angry. Dabbu runs to catch the dog. Dylan says there he is, its right chance to catch it and send out. Dabbu says its there, I will catch him. They move towards the dog and hold each other. They have an eyelock.

Dylan sees the house messed. He looks at Dabbu angrily. She thinks she explained Shera but he spoiled everything. She says I was thinking. He says when did you start thinking. She says I m really sorry, I m sure Shera will also regret, but its your mistake, he gets angry. He scolds her and says you made my home junk like your brain. She says it wikl be clean soon, his maid will clean it, I thought I will supervise but I m getting late, I will go. He holds her hand and stops her. She looks at him, and says whats the need, you will clean this mess. She is stunned.

Dylan asks Dabbu to clean the mess and pay fine. Dabbu acts like him and cleans the house. The water falls near the music system and the power is plugged. Dylan switches it on and it catches fire. Dabbu is stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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