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The Episode starts with LN slapping Vicky. He asks is this a son’s duty, I came to know about your and Aseem’s plan with Chadda to get this house. He holds Vicky’s collar. Dabbu calms him. LN asks Vicky does a son snatch the roof from his family, he has ruined Binny’s life and was ruining Dabbu’s life, how low will he fall. He scolds Vicky and says my five daughters are my strength, not a weakness. He says they are my five daughters, which I can’t cut off. He says I m giving you chance to go, I m not doing police complaint, as you are Binny’s husband, but I will keep an eye on you. He asks Aseem does he know what he has to tell outside. Aseem nods.

Dabbu sees Dylan and recalls how Dylan has warned her before and she scolded him. Aseem and Vicky come out with them. Aseem

says we decided this engagement won’t happen. Everyone get shocked. Aseem’s mum asks what is he saying. Aseem says we have reason to break this engagement. He says Dabbu and I decided that it will be good if this engagement does not happen. His mum says I know you were happy with this engagement, why don’t you tell the truth. Vicky says its right thing happening, when two hearts are not linking, whats the use to do engagement, the relation will make them cry later. His dad scolds him.

Vicky takes them and Binny asks him to stop. Vicky asks Aseem to drop parents and wait for him. Binny says she will come along. Vicky denies and asks her to be here with her children. She asks why and cries. She says she is his wife. He says you solved everything, stay here as LN want this. He leaves. LN apologizes to guests and says this engagement is not happening now. The guests leave. Mamta sits crying.

Aseem and Vicky are on the way and think what to tell parents, they will scold us. Aseem stops the car and gets angry. He asks in which world he is, they can tell anything to parents, what to tell Chadda, their plan flopped. He says Chadda will not leave us. He gets Chadda’s call and cuts it. Binny scolds Dylan and asks what did he tell LN that engagement stopped. LN and Dabbu ask her to listen. Binny says my inlaws got insulted, people said wrong about Dabbu. She asks Dabbu why did she do this.

Anji asks Binny not to shout. She says Dylan, we all want to know why did the engagement broke, what will relatives think. Chandi recalls Dylan and Dabbu’s dance. She says I m not surprised, I doubt that Dylan had something in heart for Dabbu, and even Dabbu did not wish to do this engagement. Dabbu says Chandi, let us say. Chandi says I asked you before to tell me, and now see the issue you created. Binny says our respect got ruined, he came as a curse.

LN says enough now, you don’t know the truth, so blaming Dylan, no one will tell him anything. Mamta says Dylan did all this, he ruined everything and cries. Dabbu says its not like this. Mamta says we gave you respect and invited you to come in engagement, you have ruined our respect. She faints and Dylan holds her. They all get worried. Chadda calls Vicky. Aseem takes the call and tells him that Dylan exposed them infront of LN, everything is over. He says he recorded our conversations. Chadda gets shocked and scolds him. Everyone make Mamta rest and check her. Dylan gives water.

Anji says mum was in stress. Dabbu cries and says she will call ambulance. Dylan says no, we should not waste time and take her in car. Anji asks Eshu to get keys. Dylan says I will drive. Anji says no thanks, you should leave, you are responsible for this. She asks Dylan to leave, mum should not see him. LN says Anji… Dylan says no uncle, I can understand, I will leave, if you need me, call me please, I will come, sorry for everything. Dabbu looks at him and turns. He sees Dabbu crying and leaves. Anji says she will get car. She asks Phool and Gulab to be with Eshu and take care of kids.

Binny informs her mum inlaw about Mamta’s state. Her mum in law taunts her and ends the call. Anji asks Binny to come fast. His mum asks Vicky to see his inlaws and leaves. Aseem gets Chadda’s call and says cuts it, saying plan failed and no deal can happen, let him do anything. Vicky goes to open the door and is shocked.

Dabbu cries seeing Mamta’s critical state. Mamta says Dabbu and Aseem’s engagement.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Awesome episode
    At last Dabbu realised Dylan was right

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  3. Mamta ji ka melodrama..khi Dabbu-Asim ki engagement na karwa de?

  4. Nice but all are think Dylan doing this
    . Its clear first…,

  5. No sunita LN know about all this
    the engagement doesn’t happen.

  6. Yes Riya..hope so aisa hi ho

  7. Please now end this misunderstandings between Dylan and Debjani’s family &
    Bring Dylan and Debjani closer waiting for the proposal of them ♥

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