Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 26th August 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chandi coming to meet Mandy. She comes to know Mandy is not at home and went to party with friends. Chandi thinks not bad to party two days before marriage. She gives the dresses as maid and says tell her that I gave her. The maid gets busy and keeps the dresses bag near paint. Chandi sees this and says if paint drop gets on it, Mandy will not leave me. She keeps the bags on table and Rajveer collides with it. The flowers from staircase falls over them. The maid comes and Chandi asks why did she keep bags here. Rajveer sends her. He looks at Chandi and they smile.

Mamta consoles Binny and asks her to trust Lord, everything will be fine. Binny says I explained Vicky yesterday to change himself and do something to make me proud, and he did this today, I was

worried for kids. Binny cries and says how can I explain the kids not to meet their dad, Vicky is not trying to understand. Mamta says person is not any pic to change its color, nature change will take time, Vicky will turn good to get his family, a mum has to take strong step for kids, they are very small, if he loves you then he will surely change. Binny says I also want this, that Vicky comes back. Mamta says yes it will happen and cries worriedly.

Dabbu comes to office and says why is it so dark here. She sees some candles and smiles thinking Dylan did all this so he called me now. Binny tells story to kids and they ask about Vicky. Binny says Vicky is good, and explains them that she got annoyed with them for not informing her about going, she was so worried. They apologize to her. She asks them to ask her before meeting Vicky, and sleep now. She gets sad and thinks its not good for kids, I should talk to Vicky, our problem should not affect kids. She calls Vicky, and his mum takes the call. His mum scolds her a lot. Binny thinks no use to call Vicky.

Dabbu comes to Dylan’s cabin. He sits on his knees and she smiles seeing the candles, cake and now sitting on knees to propose her. Dylan says you are looking very pretty in candle light, I m forgetting everything because of you, what are you doing to me, I sat down to tie the lace and forgot seeing you, how funny is that. She asks did he bend to tie shoe laces. He says yes, I can’t tie while standing. She thinks he did not bend to propose, maybe some other plan.

He asks her to come. She smiles and says this is amazing, this candle light and cake, so romantic idea. Dylan says so funny, powercut, you think I m mad to light candles in this hot temp, I got cake as I was hungry, its good, you should try. She smiles and thinks she told at home that he will propose her, what will she say anyone now. Vicky cries and tells his mum that Binny took his kids away, he can’t be without them. She says I told you Binny is not good, get the kids, we have rights on them. Vicky asks how, she is warning me, if I meet kids, she will call police. She asks what, they are your kids too, I know what to do now, I will talk to your Mama about this.

Dylan tells about the meeting and next feature, Indian achiever abroad. She says great, very nice, you called me here to discuss this. He says yes, we have meeting tomorrow, I could not discuss this before, any problem. She says no. Chandi tells Eshu that she is losing hair. Eshu says she has stress. Chandi says you will lose hair soon. Eshu asks what to do. Binny comes and says she has solution, and gives Himalaya shampoo. Eshu gets flower in Chandi’s hair and asks about it. Chandi recalls Rajveer and smiles. Eshu asks why is she smiling. Chandi says nothing, decorations are going in Mandy’s house, where is Dabbu, what happened in office, did Dylan propose. Mamta hears this and smiles.

Dabbu shows couple pic and says they are looking made for each other. Dylan says we have to show his achiever pics. She thinks she is throwing hints and he is not catching. Dylan says he will get coffee and goes. He gets coffee and gives her. She smiles seeing him and the coffee falls on papers. He says pick papers fast, its fine some papers are safe. She says my heart broke. He asks did she say anything. She says nothing. He says I think we are tired, I will drop you home, we will work tomorrow. She says sure.

He drops her home. She thinks she will go and sleep, and not let anyone ask her. She sees Mamta with the girls and thinks they won’t ask her infront of mum. She says I will go and sleep. Mamta stops her and asks her to tell did Dylan propose her. Dabbu looks at them, and asks do you know about this. Chandi says don’t see us, we did not say. Binny says yes, mum heard it. Dabbu gets sad and says Dylan did not propose, he did not understand my hint, he called me for official work. Mamta asks her not to be annoyed, its about marriage, he was busy in work, guys are dumb, they don’t understand hint, everything will be fine. They send Mamta. Dabbu goes. They ask Dabbu to say in detail. Dabbu says nothing happened. They all give her ideas. Dabbu says stop it, I don’t want any idea, mum was right, I will talk face to face with Dylan, I will propose her, if I can confess love, can’t I ask when will he marry me. They laugh. Dabbu says I m serious, Dylan should be ready, as he will get unforgettable proposal. She smiles.

Dylan and Dabbu are on the way. She thinks the moment has finally come for which she was waiting.

Update Credit to: Amena

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