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The Episode starts with Aseem’s parents creating a scene. Anji asks them to relax. Mamta gets panicking. Binny asks Mamta to think about her. Anji asks Binny to calm down her inlaws. Binny asks her inlaws to have food. Her mum in law refuses. Aseem asks his mum not to react like this, they will just come. His mum says Aseem is a diamond. Dabbu says why will Aseem do this, he helped me in raising voice against Chadda. Dylan says you still think he is right, Aseem was always with Chadda, and he can give live demo to them, by using the duplicate sim card and calls Chadda.

He asks them not to talk and just listen. He cuts the call and says we have to wait for Chadda to call Aseem back. Chadda calls Aseem. Vicky asks Aseem to take the call, else he can come here. Aseem talks to Chadda.

Chadda says congrats, engagement is over right. Aseem says not yet. Dabbu goes and sees Aseem on phone. Aseem says Dylan has come, he was away and don’t know how he comes, I m afraid that Dylan can spoil our plan. Chadda says he does not know anything. Dabbu hears the phone and sees Aseem’s lipsync from far. Chadda says LN can’t think that we are together, did he do anything against us till now, you stopped the news, and Dylan was blamed, Dylan aired the news in morning and you got the credit. Dabbu cries.

Chadda says Dylan was blamed for all he did, Dylan can’t do anything, Thakur family is just slaves, Aseem and Vicky are my ministers. LN and Dabbu get shocked. Chadda says what will LD if two son in laws get against her, LN can’t do anything, its about her other daughter’s inlaws. Aseem says thanks, I will call later after Dylan goes. LN gets shocked and holds Dylan. Dylan says I m sorry Sir, but this is the truth. LN recalls Vicky’s words. He says I remember Vicky was convincing me to sell the bungalow to Chadda, I refused and then he made this plan.

Mamta gets angry as they are not coming. She says she will get Dabbu, engagement will happen first. She comes to them and asks did they finish talking. She asks Dabbu to come, its 15mins. LN stops her and says no. Mamta asks whats happening. LN asks her to go out and send Aseem here alone, don’t question anything, you trust me right, do as I tell you. She says how can I do this, Aseem’s family is making taunts. LN says let them, I have to talk to Aseem, trust me, go there and manage guests, send Aseem here, some things have to get cleared, its imp. She leaves.

Mamta comes out and says LN wants to talk to Aseem alone. His mum taunts her and asks is engagement shifting to room. Aseem asks her to relax and tells Vicky to manage here, he will go and see. Vicky asks him to go. Vicky asks his mum to keep cool and thinks to find out whats going on there. Aseem comes there and looks at them.

He asks this looks like your courtroom. LN says yes, my courtroom is known as injustice does not happen there. He asks Aseem about family value and does he value Dabbu. Aseem says he loves Dabbu. LN says you should care for her family too. Aseem says yes. LN asks whats this and plays recording of Aseem and Chadda’s talk. Aseem gets shocked and looks at them. Aseem says its not his voice, Dylan has done this, he wants to trap me, he is jealous of me.

He says Dabbu knows Dylan is with Chadda. LN asks about the latest recording and plays it. Aseem gets tensed. Dylan asks him is he surprised? Is he unwell? LN goes to Aseem and angrily stares at him. Mamta feels unwell. Anji asks her to relax. Binny says don’t know whats happening. Anji asks her to see mum. Binny says sorry mum, you know why I m worried. Her mum in law asks Vicky to go and see.

LN tells Aseem that he is wishing to not spare him, he has cheated Dabbu and planned against them. He says if Binny was bahu in his house, he would have shown his face to them and kicked him out, he is giving him a chance. He asks him to leave from his house with his family right away. He says don’t try to come near Dabbu again. Vicky comes and asks whats happening, is this any joke, I m sorry Papa ji to talk in high tone, why did you stop engagement, is our respect not imp, whats the matter, Dylan has created this scene.

Aseem asks Vicky to listen to him. Vicky says leave me, we have respect, guests are troubling my parents. He says he was like his son always and……. LN slaps him. They all get shocked. Vicky holds his cheek and looks angrily at LN.

Aseem says we decided that this engagement will not happen. Everyone get shocked. Aseem leaves with his family. Binny blames Dylan to be a curse for them and ruin their happiness. Mamta blames Dylan for stopping Dabbu’s engagement and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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