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The Episode starts with Dabbu getting glad seeing Dylan and hugging him. She says but you said you will come late. He says he would have missed this lovely hug and smile, they will be happy and fit together. She says right, I will get something for you. He holds her hand and stops her. He pulls her cheeks and Dabbu asks why did he pull her cheek so hard. He says so sorry and caresses her cheek. They laugh. Mamta sees them and prays to Lord that they always stay happy. Dabbu and Dylan say they missed each other. Mamta gives them tea and asks Dylan to try the cookies.

Dylan gets a call and says I will come within an hour. He tells Dabbu that he has HR meeting and he has to go, he will have tea next time, he has come here to surprise Dabbu, so he will leave now. Mamta asks him to take

a cookie. He takes one and thanks her. He touches Mamta’s feet and takes her blessings. He leaves. Mamta asks Dabbu what did she think.

Dabbu says office, some events…… Mamta asks about her future plans. She says Juliet gave you bangles and accepted you, we also accepted Dylan, I think we should do Roka. Dabbu says Dylan and I did not think about our future. Mamta says then think, its next step. Dabbu talks to her sisters. Eshu asks Dabbu not to hurry up. Binny says no, Dabbu and Dylan faced so much, they have confessed love too. Chandi says did Dylan propose her, they can just date. Dabbu says this time I know what I have to do, just relax.

Mirchandi tells everyone about high TRP and says congrats to staff. He says everyone liked our feature on raid party and credit goes to Dabbu. They all clap for her. Mirchandani tells Dylan that he was tensed about his leave, but Dabbu managed well. Dylan says yes, I told you she will take our channel name ahead. He gives his presentation. Dabbu smiles seeing him. They all leave. Dabbu thinks this is the chance, I shoukd start. She compliments Renu and talks about her marriage and honeymoon, and asks how her husband proposed her. Renu says I told you before. Dabbu wants Dylan to hear it and asks again.

Dylan is about to go. Dabbu stops him and shows the ring to Dylan, aying her BF proposed her and she got married, very romantic. Dyloan says very nice, congrats. Dylan asks Dabbu to come in his cabin. Dabbu thinks Dylan understood her hints. Binny comes to Mamta and asks for kids. Mamta says they were here. Binny says yes, but now they are not here. She gets tensed. Mamta says I will call dad. Binny says no, he will be busy I court, you be at home, I will see him. Mamta asks her not to worry. Binny leaves.

Chandi tells Rajveer that she is tensed, if Mandy does not like her designs. He says don’t worry, whatever she wears looks same. She says this is doubt insult of Mandy and me. He says I was not letting you get nervous, have some food. Mandy comes and scolds Chandi. She bsays we are paying you, why are you doing such dresses. Chandi says I made it loose. Mandy says you mean I will get more fat. Rajveer says no, you got very slim, and scolds Mandy. He asks don’t you have manners, Chandi made it lose to know its fittings.

He says her designs will look good, Chandi is our family friend, her brother in law is my close friend, talk to her well, you are getting married Mandy, behave yourself. Mandy says sorry and sits to eat. Rajveer asks her to stop eating. Mandy gets sad. Chandi smiles as Rajveer defended her.

Dabbu comes to Dylan and gives him coffee. He likes the coffee. She says she has made this herself. He says how sweet, that’s why I love you so much. She says dad makes tea for my mum, this is since 30 years, so I thought to make coffee for you. He says amazing, I like your family, your mom and dad are in love since 30 years, even I want this. She asks really? He says yes, but I have no clue what to do for an ideal family. She describes it, about happiness, sorrows, family, kids….. He says exactly. She thinks he understood. He says you told my next story in line, I want to do a story on ideal family. She nods.

He says we will take member’s bytes and know their history of joint families. She thinks he did not understand, and I was getting happy. Binny looks for the kids and asks people on road. She cries and says where shall I find him. She calls police and sees the kids there. She ends call and sees a man scaring the kids by a mask. Binny gets shocked and goes out. She stops seeing Vicky laughing and playing with kids. Vikcy gives them icecream. Binny throws the icecreams and scolds the kids. Sonu says we were playing in lawn, Papa came and got us here to have icecream. Binny scolds Vicky. He asks what shall I do if you are stopping me. She says you did not think about me. He says I promised I will change. She says now I can’t trust you, if you have to come to me, do something to show you changed, then talk to me and kids, don’t try to take kids like this again, I will call police. She takes kids and leave. Vikcy gets upset.

Dabbu comes home along Chandi. Eshu asks why are they upset. Chandi says I was losing project, Mandy was upset, Rajveer took my side and scolded Mandy, so sweet of him. Eshu teases her and dances. Chandi says stop it, my mood is bad. Eshu asks Dabbu. Dabbu says I m mad, I did all planning, nothing happened. She gets Dylan’s call. He says I know its little late, can you come office now, I forgot to say something imp, please come, don’t say no. Dabbu says yes, I will come. He says get ready, I will send car, come to my cabin. Dabbu says yes yes and jumps happily, saying Dylan understood my hint, I think he is going to propose me. She smiles. Dylan says what to do, I don’t feel good without you in office, come soon.

Dabbu comes to office and sees candles. She thinks he did all arrangements and so called her late. Dylan sits on his knees and she thinks he is going to propose me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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