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The Episode starts with Dylan coming and stopping Dabbu’s engagement in nick of the time. Everyone get shocked seeing him. Dylan walks to them in tired state. Aseem gets angry. Dylan says this engagement can’t happen. They look on shocked and see each other’s faces. He says Debjani, come with me, I need to talk something imp. Dabbu asks what is he doing here, its engagement going on, se will talk tomorrow in office. He says I would have not come here running as mad, I can’t wait, I need to talk, come with me and holds her hand. Aseem stops Dylan and frees Dabbu’s hand, asking him to be in limit. Dabbu says Aseem please, and asks Dylan why did he stop engagement like this. He says I want 15mins, I have to talk.

Vicky says its engagement, not any joke, go from here. Dylan

says I m not taking to you and holds Dabbu’s hand to take her. LN stops him and asks whats going on. Dylan says trust me, its imp, else I would have not done this. He says its serious matter, come along with us, I want you to know whats happening. LN asks can’t he wait till engagement happens. Dylan says no, it will be late and requests him to trust him. LN looks on and says fine, just 10mins. Dylan says fine, not a second more. Mamta stops LN and asks what is he doing, its Dabbu’s engagement. Aseem says its not good to stop engagement. She asks Dylan whats so imp at this time. LN says its fine, let him talk, I want to know whats urgent thing. Dylan thanks him.

LN says sorry, we will stop this engagement for 10mins. He asks Dylan to come. Dylan goes with Dabbu and LN. Everyone wait anxiously. Anji says we will have starters till then. Aseem and Vicky get thinking. LN brings Dylan and Dabbu to room. Dylan asks for laptop, he wants to play audio and make them listen. Dabbu asks what is it, just tell us. Dylan says you won’t listen to me if I say, I tried before. He says Aseem and Dabbu’s relation is getting fixed, so I have to know this before that.

Vicky asks Mamta is this way to stop engagement, LN is favoring Dylan. Phool says what is it that LN got insulted here. Anji asks her to stop it, its nothing big issue if they went, it can be anything imp. Aseem’s mum says LN has shown whats imp, this engagement or Dylan’s nonsense. Anji asks them to have drinks. Vicky says he does not want and gets angry. Mamta drinks water and gets super tensed. Vicky says we agree Dylan is Dabbu’s boss, but its family function here, they don’t respect us, alteast think about my parents.

Dylan plays the audio in the laptop. He says he went to Mumbai to burst duplicate sim racket, a group helps police in cracking crimes, I took their help, I told Dabbu the truth before and she did not listen to me, the truth is Aseem and Chadda are together. LN is shocked. Binny tells Mamta that they did not think about her in laws, did you see Dylan staring Aseem, how dare he insult Aseem. Anji asks Binny to end the matter, dad will come in 10mins, wait for sometime. Mamta cries. Vicky sides with Aseem and asks whats the matter, how did Dylan come here. Aseem says he can’t do anything, he will come to cry. He says I will just come. LN says Aseem…. Dylan says I know you will not believe me, so I will play the tape. He says he has recorded Aseem and Chadda’s conversation.

He plays the audio and LN and Dabbu get shocked hearing Aseem. Binny cries and tells Mamta that its big insult for her inlaws. She scolds her kids and Chandi asks why is she being angry on kids. Binny asks should I dance here, can’t you see how everyone is staring at us, my inlaws will not let me forget this insult. Mamta says why did they go, I will go and get Dabbu. Chandi stops her and says I m sure its imp, else Dylan would have not come. Anji says Chandi is right, LN is also there, Dabbu and Dylan did not go alone, nothing to feel strange, relax Binny, we will manage.

Anant says Anji is right, I will talk to your inlaws Binny. Aseem’s parents starts nagging and ask Mamta to answer why did they call themto face humiliation. Phool tells Gulab to see what happens. Aseem’s mum asks Mamta to find out. LN asks why did Aseem join Chadda. Dylan says he has fresh recording of today’s morning. He plays it. Aseem says after engagement, he will control Dabbu and her dad will dance on my tune, you will get house Chadda. Chadda says great, then I will shower money on you to fulfill my township dream. Dabbu cries.

LN recalls Dabbu’s words and Chadda’s warnings. He recalls Aseem’s proposal and Dabbu not agreeing to him. He says he chose wrong man for Dabbu. Dylan shows copy of engagement ring receipt, and payment is done by Chadda’s credit card, Aseem’s salary is not such to think about 10 lakhs ring, Chadda gave him money to impress you all, its all acting to get control on your bungalow. Dabbu looks at Dylan.

Aseem come to LN, Dylan and Dabbu and ask what happened, it looks like LN’s court room. LN says his court room is known for justice, there can’t be any injustice here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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