Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 24th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Tara asking the goon to shoot Dabbu. The goon aims gun at her. Dylan looks on shocked. He sees some table and throws on them. She takes Dabbu covering her face and runs from there. Tara asks the men to catch them. Dylan and Dabbu hide. Dylan sees Dabbu unconscious and asks her to open eyes. He says she will be fine, he won’t let anything happen to her. She says I knew you will come. He asks her to open eyes, his car is parked close, he will take her to hospital and not let anything happen to her.

Mamta and LN try calling Dabbu and Dylan, and can’t connect. Chandi asks Mamta not to worry. Dylan lifts Dabbu and runs to his car. The goon stops them and says he will shoot them. He shoots, Mamta gets a call and thinks its from Dabbu, to say everything is fine.

She answers the call and is shocked. She cries and says no, this can’t happen. She drops the phone. LN asks what happened. Dylan’s mum gets the call and says what, how did this happen, I m coming there.

LN and everyone come to hospital to see Dabbu. They see Dylan there. Mamta says this is Dylan’s voice. Dylan says I won’t go anywhere. The nurse says you got shot, let us treat you. They all get shocked. Mamta asks Dylan did he get shot. Dylan’s mum comes and asks what happened to him. Dylan says I m fine, I won’t go, you take care of Dabbu doctor, please. Mamta asks what happened to Dabbu. LN says tell us.

They all worry and cry. Dylan cries. Rajesh says Dabbu has shown courage, they captured the video and got proof against drugs dealers, police arrested them, the sting operation because of Dabbu, but she… Mamta asks where is my Dabbu. Dylan’s mum asks Dylan about her. Dylan looks at the ICU. Dabbu is being treated. Mamta says tell me what happened to her. They ask the doctor. The doctor says she was brought her in serious condition, she has swallowed drugs capsule, which bursted in her stomach. They all get shocked. The doctor says they flushed the drugs, but she is critical, I can’t say she will survive or not. They get shocked and cry.

LN asks doctor to save Dabbu, do anything. Binny asks him to be strong. The doctor says we are trying, I know you are hurt knowing this, keep heart calm and pray. LN asks whats the complication. The doctor says its severe hypertension and heartbeat and BP are not normal. He asks Dylan to get dressing done for his hand, else infection can spread. LN asks Mamta to pray. They all see Dabbu and cry. The doctor sees the systems . LN and Mamta cry and talk about Dabbu. Binny and everyone pacify Mamta.

Dylan thinks its because of him, I was not with her, I should tell them. He tells Mamta not to blame her, its not her mistake. The nurse asks him to come. Dylan says I m talking to them. LN says I know you worry for Dabbu, you have to take care of yours, treat your wound, you can help us if you stay fine, go. Dylan’s mum asks him to go. She consoles Mamta and hugs her. Mamta asks her to pray.

Dylan gets the dressing done and says he can’t feel any pain, she can give stitches and injection, he has to go to Dabbu. The doctors treat Dabbu. Binny, Chandi and Eshu pray and cry. Chandi says we did not think this will happen, everytime Dylan saved her, and this time we thought Dylan won’t let anything happen to him, but he got wounded too. He hear Rajesh saying Dylan was not with them, he got some work and he could nt come, I called him and Dylan did not take call, its good he reached on time, its good he got her, else she would have died. They hear this and go to confront Dylan. Chandi asks how can he send Dabbu alone, what imp work he has. Binny asks why did he not take Rajesh’s call. Eshu says you knew this mission was dangerous, we trusted you. Binny says mum and dad allowed Dabbu as you were with her. Chandi says whats the matter, Dabbu was staying sad as you were staying far, when she needed you the mot, you were not there, if anything happens to Dabbu, we will never forgive you. Binny says you won’t be able to forgive yourself. They leave. He cries in shock and thinks nothing can happen to Dabbu.

Dabbu gets serious. Dylan asks what happened to her. The doctor says she had cardiac arrest and treats her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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