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The Episode starts with Dabbu telling Mirchandani about Eshu present in that party and she has taken Eshu home, she will not tell her to change the prime time story. She says its true, but I have understood this situation because of my sister, I know how to present this infront of viewers. She says all channels will show this as breaking news, how rich kids use their money and status, but we will go till the root of this, we will tells them that half kids of them do this for pressure, they do so to be with their friends, we will take interviews of kids, teachers, parents, and will raise questions on their thinking, this will be fresh outlook, trust me parents will like to see the news, as this time we will stand with parents and students.

Mirchandani says I m proud of you, you did

great work in less time, I will call Dylan and ask him to increase his leave if he wishes, I m not worried now. She says no, let Dylan come soon, I mean my stories need Dylan’s guidance. He says sure, Dylan will be proud of his team. She says I hope so and smiles. Mamta talks to Juliet and says Dabbu has shown me the bangles you gave her. Juliet says yes, I m glad Dylan and Dabbu’s misunderstandings got cleared. Mamta says its okay, all that got over now, we would like to meet Dylan’s dad, please bring him along and come here. Juliet is stunned and says yes, we will come, and ends call. Juliet thinks she did not think both families have to meet, when they know about Dylan’s dad and my relation…

Chandi and Rajveer come home. Mamta asks about her meeting. Rajveer says its went well. Mamta asks Chandi did she take Rajveer along. Chandi says yes, actually… Mamta says he is busy man, I know Mandy troubles you a lot… Chandi signs her. Mamta says say sorry to him. Chandi says let me speak, Mandy’s full name is Manpreet Oberoi, she is Rajveer’s sister. Mamta is shocked and says sorry Rajveer.

Rajveer says its fine, Mandy troubles all of us, now Chandi will be designing her clothes. Mamta says I will get matar samosas and goes. Chandi tells Rajveer that she will take his measurements for his deisgns. He says fine, come.

Dabbu is on the way and talks to Dylan. Dylan says I need some more time here, I m not coming tomorrow, I can’t leave Abhimanyu alone. She says I understand, you can stay with him. He asks will she miss him. She says I always miss you. He says I will miss you too, take care. She takes a taxi to go home. Vicky stops Dabbu and asks her not to go. He says I know just you can help me.

She asks why do you think I will help you, you cheated Binny and aoo of us, how dare you stop me like this, you knew everything and wanted me to marry your brother. He says I know I m your culprit, I did mistake, I was blind in greed, I lost my wife and kids, can’t I get one chance to rectify my mistake.

She says Binny can say this, you think she will talk to you now, she can’t even trust you. He swears on his kids and says I changed, I miss the kids and Binny, I want to apologize to you, Binny and everyone, can I talk to Binny once, please help me. She says I m getting late and leaves.

Chandi takes measurements and Rajveer starts laughing. She asks whats the problem, is he giving measurements for the first time. He says its first time a girl is taking measurements. He looks at her and air blows her hair. They have an eyelock. She asks him to stand straight. He says I m standing straight. She asks is there any color preference l;ike Mandy. He says no, make anything by your choice, I trust you. They smile.

Its night, Dabbu and her family see the news feature about the rich teenagers, who don’t get their family time and get in friend’s pressures. Dabbu takes Dhruv’s interview and tells viewers about the real reason in raid parties, they want to create awareness. The family claps for Dabbu. LN says great way to bring awareness. Eshu thanks Dabbu and says I m sure no one will feel we kids are wrong. Chandi says Dylan will be happy to see this. Dabbu misses Dylan and wishes he comes soon.
Mamta says kids have many pressures these days. LN says parents are not giving time, the kids are from broken families. Mamta says I m worried for Sonu and Monu. LN says we are with them. Binny looks o. LN says Binny is strong, she will not let her separation affect the ki8ds. They all see Binny. LN asks Binny did kids sleep. Binny nods. The sisters ask Binny to come for having kulfi.

Binny refuses. Dabbu insists. Binny agrees. LN tells Mamta that Binny’s support system is very good, the sisters will not let her shatter. Dabbu and sisters stop seeing candy floss. They happily have a talk. Chandi asks Dabbu about her mood, and says you are taking much calories, you will get fat. Vicky comes there. Dabbu asks Binny will she forgive her, and shows Vicky. Dabbu asks Binny to talk to Vicky once, he came to meet her at office, he was crying and apologizing. Binny says so you did this intentionally. Dabbu asks her to talk to him once for her sake.

Dabbu tells Chandi that Vicky is Binny’s husband, he did a mistake, but he father of Sonu and Monu. Binny reminds Vicky hat Aseem and he wanted to ruin Dabbu’s life, and now he is seeking Dabbu’s help. Vikcy apologizes to her and asks for a chance. Binny says I can’t give you any chance now, I should apologize, I can’t involve me in my life again, I m sorry, I can’t tell my kids to become like their dad. He says trust me, I changed, I understood I love you and kids.

Binny asks him to make her proud by doing something great, to prove his honesty and goodness, else he should forget her, kids will learn to live without their dad, maybe he will understand now. She goes to Dabbu and asks her to come home, or did she think anything else which she did not tell her. She asks Dabbu not to cheat again. Dabbu says Vicky is regretting. Binny says I know you did this for my good, just regretting is not enough, he has to change a lot, don’t talk to me on this topic, please. They leave.

Its morning, Chandi teaches yoga to Dabbu. Dabbu says all negativity went with Sunaina, and now its all fine with Dylan in her life. Dylan comes there and smiles. Chandi sees him and he signs her not to say anything. Chandi nods and leaves. Dylan sits infront of Dabbu, while she is sitting eyes closed. Dabbu says everything is so positive, we used to fight a lot before, Dylan was so rude, now he talks to me with love, he cares for me, like fairytale romance, Dylan is my prince charming, you know Chandi stop meditating. She opens eyes and smiles seeing Dylan.

Mamta tells Dabbu that Juliet gave her bangles and made her family member, I think we should do some rasam like Roka. Chandi asks Dabbu did Dylan say about marriage. Eshu says Dabbu confessed love, so Dylan should propose her. Dabbu says this time I know what to do.

Update Credit to: Amena

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