Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 24th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with LN telling Mamta to call Mehta and say he has stomach ache. Mamta asks why does he always make reasons, he said same last time. The girls try to convince him to go in party. Mamta says Mehta kept the party for the right judgment he gave and asks him to go. Dabbu comes home and hugs him, being proud of his judgment. He asks her to save him from going in party. Everyone sign no. Dabbu asks him to go for it, and LN agrees. Mamta gets ready and asks girls not to go anywhere after they go. LN asks them to have fun and they leave. The guard checks office and goes to switch off the lights. He hears some lady saying he cheated her and now she will tell everyone. The guard says he will beat if he touches her.

He comes inside and sees Dylan watching movie. Dylan smiles

and asks him to go. Eshu asks Chandi and Dabbu to come for party. Dabbu refuses. Chandi asks her to come. They call LN and asks Dabbu to talk. Dabbu says everyone was saying disco. LN asks them to go, but remember one thing, they will come back in 2 hours, you all should come before us, else your mum will fire us. Dabbu asks how did he understand when she did not say. He says Lord gave this magic. Dabbu tells them that LN agreed and they go to call Binny and Anji.

They come to disco and take the passes. They get inside and Anji joins them. Chandi says Binny said she can’t come. Few men come and bump into them. Chandi gets angry and Eshu stops her. Eshu says ignore them. They joke and laugh on the men. The men scold the waiter. Dabbu says she saw them somewhere. They dance on the song Chittiyaan Kalaiyyan……. Dabbu smiles seeing her sisters. They take Dabbu for dance. The men come in between and Dabbu gets mum’s call. She says lets go home. Mamta says no one is taking my call. LN and Mamta are on the way and he thinks they will get him fired.

They girls come to washroom and call Mamta. Mamta asks why is everyone not taking call. Dabbu says we are in kitchen to make food. Mamta says your dad does not like party, we are coming home and asks about music. Chandi says we are listening music. LN jerks the car by their lies. Mamta says we are coming in 20mins. They say run and leave from the washroom.

A man teases a lady bartender and the girls get angry seeing this. The girl says leave my hand and slaps him. The man aims gun and asks her to call help. LN and Mamta come home and look for the girls. LN gets worried on not finding the girls. Mamta comes inside the girl’s room and sees them sleeping. LN gets relieved. He says today they slept early, maybe they got tired. Mamta says yes, let them rest. He says I m saved. They leave from their room. Dabbu says thank Lord we are saved, and Anji messages she reached home.

Dabbu asks Chandi and Eshu not to worry. Its morning, Dabbu comes to office. Dylan and all staff see Vicky Yadav’s news which turns into breaking news. He says did anybody knew about this, this should have aired on our channel first. Dabbu comes and says this news is wrong. Dylan looks at her. She says bouncer did not start fight with Vicky. Dylan asks really, how did you know. She says he was forcing a waitress to make him drink wine, and aimed gun at her also.

Dylan says good story and asks her not to say fake stories. She says no, its true, I was there. He asks does she have proof. She says no, I was about to take call, and mum called and I could not. He says tell me you are joking. He scolds her for not taking any pic, if she saw Vicky aiming gun at the girl infront of everyone and she did not record, she did a blunder, she is good for nothing. She cries. He says I m so stupid, its my mistake, I should not expect something from a duffer, I m sorry, your name should be empty minded.

She says you said I m not reporter and I should not use mind, I should not interfere in other’s matter. He asks does she always listen, will she jump from building if he says. She asks why will he say. He says I m giving an example. She says I was with my sisters, not on duty. He says a reporter is always on duty. He says you said I m not reporter. He asks why did she not click a pic. She says I was going to take pic. He says its my mistake, get out from here. Dabbu cries.

Dabbu gets a call about a notice they received to vacate the bungalow in 30 days. Dabbu goes to talk to him, and sees him smiling seeing dog idol and thinks he will like real dogs. She brings a puppy and asks him to kiss Dylan. Dylan says move it back, no…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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