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The Episode starts with Tara Devi showing the drugs capsule to the girls. She says its worth 4 lakhs, they have to swallow it and not eat anything after it. She says they have to go with their men, and will get money after they do the work, if the capsule melts in stomach, they can’t survive. Rajesh says its good capture. Tara gets the passports and says she will choose just three girls. She says they will get 2 lakhs. All the girls ask for a chance. The girl asks Dabbu to go too. Dabbu thinks if I don’t go, they will doubt. Dabbu’s camera falls. Rajesh sees this and calls Dylan to inform him. Dylan’s phone is unreachable.

Mamta prays at home. She says keep my Dabbu safe. Tara gets some news and looks at the girls. She says she got to know one girl has come here to spy on

them. Dabbu gets tensed. Tara asks who is that girl. She asks the man to check their bags. Dabbu worries and thinks how will she inform Dylan. The man does not get anything and says maybe they got mistaken. Tara says fine, still keep the bags. Tara says she will send the girls whose faces match with the pics. Dabbu thinks she lost the phone, but Rajesh will know by mic. Dabbu sees her camer anad mic missing and looks for it.

Tara chooses two girls and asks Dabbu what is she seeing down. She asks her to come to side. Dabbu worries. Rajesh fails to connect Dylan and thinks what to do, shall I inform police or not. The girls are given the drugs capsules. The girls eat it. Dabbu gets tensed. Tara asks her to have it. Dabbu says I have stomach ache, I will eat next time. Tara asks her to eat it, she will get money. Dabbu says she is having vomiting. Tara holds her hair and says your face matches with pic, you have to eat it, take it, come on fast. Dabbu thinks of Mamta, LN and Dylan’s words. She thinks what will happen now, if she dies, she will regret that she did not say Dylan of her love. Tara says hurry up. Dabbu takes the capsule. Tara says nothing will happen, eat it. Dabbu thinks I have to keep acting till help comes, I don’t have option. Dabbu eats the capsule and cries. Tara sends her to sit, and their flight is tomorrow.

Dylan is with Sunaina. She says you made me wait. Dylan winks. Sunaina flirts. Dylan says I m with you now. His phone rings and she takes it. He says maybe its imp call. She says imp than me… He says whatever you say. Rajesh says Dylan is not taking the call, what shall I do. Tara says the girls are ready, we will get payment when they get capsules from their stomachs. Dabbu gets stomach ache and headache. Tara asks them to sit quiet. Dabbu gets dizzy.

Dylan comes there in disguise and gets inside the mill. He asks about the girls, he has to leave with them soon. Tara says take them. Dylan gets shocked seeing Dabbu unwell. Dabbu hears Dylan’s voice and looks at him. He thinks he will not let anything happen to Dabbu. He recalls Sunaina not letting him attend call. He says she is most imp, but his team is on imp mission, they have can life risk, if she loves him, she has to allow him to take call. She agrees and he talks to Rajesh.

Dylan asks Dabbu to be strong, he will take her. Dylan says I will take them now. Tara comes to know the men did not come, and thinks who is he. She asks him to show his face. Dylan gets tensed. He refuses and she scolds him. Dabbu falls down. Dylan gets shocked. Tara says this girl has fainted after taking drugs worth 4 lakhs, I think capsule blasted in her stomach, she will not be alive now. Dylan gets stunned. Tara asks the man to kill her. The goon aims gun at Dabbu. Dylan looks on worried. The goon shoots.

No Precap

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