Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dabbu getting late. Dylan passes by and stops to taunts her, on what she said at the lawyer’s office. He says if she does not reach office, her boss will not leave her, he is also going that side, but his car is also rude, and can’t make any ugly girl sit in his car. She scolds him and he says there is new assignment meeting at 10am, else she will miss it, then no one will respect her in office, and its just 20mins now, reach on time. He leaves. Dabbu gets angry. She takes an taxi and the driver says he won’t go. She says why, and scolds him. He says he drives to earn money, and that way is not good to get people. He leaves.

Binny comes home and says when will the day come that I don’t fight for 10-20rs. She tells what happened to Mamta. Everyone come.

Mamta says she has to say a important decision. The phone rings and Eshu goes to take. Phhol Devi receives it and is shocked. She cries. Dabbu tells LN that she is fine, she will call him later, best of luck for the case and his right decision. She takes lift by some women and the lady says don’t worry, I will drop you to office on time. Phool says the man is saying he will break legs. Chandi scolds him. The man says tell your dad to say decision in our favor. She scolds him and says he will not call again.

Phool asks Mamta why don’t she stop her daughters, when people are warning them. Mamta says it always happen when there is big case, don’t worry. Phool asks her to think about her daughters, she does not understand them. Dabbu comes office. Dylan sees her and smiles.

Dabbu sits in the conference hall and is glad that she came before Dylan. Dylan comes and asks what is she doing here. She says you forgot meeting. He says you forgot car wash. She says I came running for this meeting. He asks her to go and wash the car. She says I will do later. He says no ways, end the work and come early from tomorrow. Dabbu washes his car. People see her and laugh.

Dabbu hides her face and cleans the car. Dylan attends the meeting and smiles seeing her wash his car. She says her life is ruined by this Dylan, the villain. She kicks the car and gets hurt. She sees him and he signs no. She smiles and cleans the car. She goes to put water on the car and it falls on her. The people laugh. Dabbu comes to the conference hall after finishing the work. The men stare at her seeing her in drenched clothes. Dylan asks how did she get wet, is it raining.

He asks where is she going. She says to sit on my chair. He asks why. She says for meeting. He says its over, everyone is allotted the work, I think you should leave. A man says about his work and Dabbu corrects him. He asks who is she. Dylan says its good not to know her, and asks Dabbu what is she doing, she is not a reporter, she does not have mind, so don’t try to use it. He asks her to leave.

She comes out and says don’t use mind and tongue, then I will use my hands. The sisters see some pics for Chandi. Phool Devi tries to see the pics. She asks them to say whats happening. Mamta tells about choosing pics of Chandi to put on matrimonial site. They all discuss. LN comes and says the court case was good, truth wins.

He asks Phool why is she upset. Phool says don’t feel bad, but I m feeling bad that he does not have any power to choose a guy for girls. The girls laugh. Dylan sees Dabbu reading news alone seeing a lady reading news. He goes to her and gets hurt. He asks she did loss of shooting, whats need to repeat her words. Aseem comes and defends Dabbu. Dylan asks him not to interfere in his work, he can’t see anything in Dabbu.

They come to know about a senior judge passing landmark judgment today in favor of some laborers. Dabbu smiles understanding its LN, her dad. Dylan says make it in 9pm slot. Dylan asks why is Dabbu and Aseem smiling. He asks did she get the judgement. She says yes its like this. He asks why. Dabbu says as the senior justice is my dad. Dylan says what, justice Laxmi Narayan Thakur is your dad, are you his daughter. She says yes. He says he is big and you are like this. He taunts her and says Lord sometimes does injustice with people, its injustice with justice LN Thakur. Dabbu cries and thinks to prove her talent. Dylan leaves.

The girls party and some men tease them. Dylan asks staff to air this news. Dabbu says its wrong. Dylan asks Dabbu why did she not record it if she was there, she is good for nothing. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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