Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Dylan reaching Mumbai and meeting someone. A man calls Aseem and talks to him till he gets some data. Aseem scolds him. The man says he has called Aseem by this phone, he has all info here and he has Aseem’s sim duplicate in this phone. He says this will also receive the call and they can hear the calls. He calls Chadda and Chadda says why is Aseem calling at this time. Dylan says now wait for Chadda to call him back. Chadda calls Aseem and Dylan asks the man to record the conversation. Aseem and Chadda ask each other why did they call.

Aseem says he did not call him. Chadda says check your phone. Aseem says I m sorry, maybe it went by mistake. He asks him not to worry, their plan is on track, once he gets engaged to Dabbu, Thakur Nivas will be his. Chadda

asks him to do it fast and ends call. Dylan says congrats Aseem for the marriage, now I will show you. The man gives the CD to Dylan. Dylan says thanks, you saved a girl’s life. Dylan thinks he will bring Aseem’s truth out by all proofs.

Its morning, the arrangements are going on in Thakur Nivaas. Mamta says she did not call anyone else to manage the engagement and asks the man who is he. LN says he has called him, he is the wedding planner. Dabbu comes and says she is going office. Mamta asks why, is her engagement today. Dabbu says she can’t take leave. LN says yes, stay at home, take leave. Dabbu says she has imp work. She leaves.

Dabbu comes office and looks at Dylan’s cabin. She thinks he is punctual, why did he not come. She looks for him and waits for him. Aseem comes to her and says its their engagement today. Sheetal asks them why did they come, and Dabbu does not need to come, her boss is on leave for 2 weeks. Dabbu finds it strange and asks Sheetal to come in engagement. Aseem says we will go and asks Dabbu to come. Dabbu recalls Dylan, their moments and his words. Dylan talks to travel agency and tries to book any flight and does not get any ticket. He says he has to reach Delhi now. He thinks he has to reach Dabbu anyhow, before she gets engaged. He thinks to go airport and maybe he will get ticket.

Mamta gets ready and comes. LN gets mesmerized seeing her. She says she feels she is seeing a beautiful dream, she was waiting for this day, its Dabbu’s engagement today. He says she is glowing today. Anji comes and likes the decorations. Mamta compliments her. Anji says Anant will come from office. Mamta says Chandi is making Dabbu ready. Anji rushes to them. Dylan tries to get tickets at airport counter and fails. Rohan meets him and says you helped me when my restaurant closed, I could not thank you, you supported truth. Dylan says welcome.

Rohan asks is everything ok. Dylan says he has to go Delhi and they don’t have tickets. Rohan asks him to go via his ticket, he will go later. Dylan thanks him. The lady says she will cancel Rohan’s ticket and issue it to Dylan. Rohan says what Dylan did for him, this is nothing, and wishes him all the best. Dylan leaves.

Mamta tells LN that who will come at 8pm. Some guests come and like the decorations. Phool comes and says its looking so good, Gulab has done all this. Mamta says yes, why did you not come to help me. Phool says yes, but I went to get ready. Mamta comes to see if Dabbu is ready. The girls tell Mamta that Dabbu got ready and went to washroom, and not coming out. Dabbu cries recalling Dylan. Dylan is n the way to Dabbu’s home.

Aseem comes with his family. The car stops and Dylan gets late. He drives cycle and tries reaching Dabbu. Dabbu comes and sees Aseem. Mamta does Aseem’s tilak.

Update Credit to: Amena

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