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The Episode starts with Mamta and girls talking about movie and dinner plans. Mamta says she will make pasta for Dabbu. They see Dabbu coming home. Dabbu asks them to cancel the plans. Binny asks why. Dabbu says she has to go on important sting operation. LN asks what is it. Dabbu says its very imp, and tells everything. LN and Mamta get worried. LN says he won’t allow her for this. Dabbu says this is my job. LN says news reporting is your job, not risking job, drug trafficking is very dangerous. Dabbu says I will not get drugs, police and team will come there. LN says its not simple, he has read many drug trafficking cases, many girls died, if anyone does not come on time, you can die.

He says its dangerous people, I will not send you. Dabbu says I thought I m free to take my decision,

and tries to convince him. She says you got so many threats in your work, did you stop your work? She says she is helping in catching the gang, its for our country, why are you stopping me? LN says you won’t go. Mamta says that place is very dangerous, if you go there, we will be scared. She says LN forgot we went through this before, we have seen Dabbu facing all this before, our daughters proved that they can face anything.

She says you have allowed Binny to go and talk to Chadda, you trust them always, I also trust their capabilities and my prayers, Dabbu will succeed as she is going to do a good job, and help many girls. She says Dylan will be with her, we have seen Dylan always saved her. Dabbu thinks mum is thinking Dylan will be with me. LN says fine, if Dyaln is there. Dabbu thinks if I tell them that Dylan is not coming, they will not allow me.

LN asks Dabbu to take care and be alert, as her life is linked to all o them. He hugs Dabbu and cries. Dabbu asks sisters to help in getting a new getup. Dylan explains Rajesh and staff to check everything. Dabbu comes there in simple getup. Dylan thinks Dabbu got ready to go in dangerous mission, and says good, she looks Radha. He explains them what to do. He says the goons will choose girls, informer said Radha will also reach there. Dabbu nods. Dylan says there will be many goons, you have to brave. He says the entry password, and explains. The goons check the girls and allow them. Dylan asks Dabbu to be careful, some girls can be with gang members, don’t trust any crying girl, be in your character of Radha. The girls are shown.

Dylan tells about Tara Devi, who is cruel and clever lady, who does all this, and Dabbu has to get proof against her. Tara is shown. Dylan says Dabbu will have a small camera, earphone and satellite phone, they should not get it, if you feel risk, leave from there and call me, we will know you are in danger. He asks Rajesh not to leave his sight from laptop, reach Dabbu, her safety is your responsibility. He says every girl who goes there is not chosen, stay with everyone and record, if they choose you for this work, then…..

Dabbu asks him not to worry, she will alert them. Dylan gets Sunaina’s call. She says its already late. He says I m on the way. She asks him to come soon. Rajesh says I think we should leave. Dylan sends the staff to talk to Dabbu alone. He feels fearful and hopes everything gets fine. Dabbu asks what happened. He holds her hand and asks her to take care. She says I will. He says take care that my life is also stuck with you. She says yes, don’t worry, I did sting operation before too, and thinks this time he won’t be with her. He wishes her all the best and she leaves.

The girls come to Mamta. Mamta makes herself busy and does not sleep. LN comes and says we all know Mamta is worried for Dabbu. Mamta says yes, I can’t sleep till Dabbu comes back, even the girls did not sleep. She says LN did not even had dinner, and can’t sleep either. LN says you are right, we all worry for Dabbu, we will wait for her and celebrate her birthday when she comes. LN says he trusts Mamta’s trusts.

Dabbu reaches the mill and goon stops her. She thinks she started the camera and operation starts. Rajesh and staff are in the van. He asks her to be careful. The goon says he did not see her before. She says I m new, I need money. He sends her. Few girls talk to Dabbu and ask why did she come, whats her need for money. Rajesh asks Dabbu to reply. Dabbu says I need money, my mum died, my dad wants money and drinks wine. The lady says get money and settle in your own home, leaving your dad. Rajesh says good job. Dabbu gets tensed seeing Tara and thinks this is Tara about whom Dylan told her.

Dabbu’s camera falls and Rajesh says her camera has fallen down. Dabbu looks for the camera. Tara asks Dabbu what is she looking for. Dabbu gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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