Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 22nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dylan asking Dabbu to clean his car. She says oh, so you do this to have fun by troubling me. He says yes and shakes her hand. He asks her to go fast and out. She pushes the door. He says pull. She says I know. He says thanks. She leaves. The sisters decide what sweets to make. They argue over choosing the sweet dish. Eshu says we will make cake and which one is Maida from his boxes. She asks Binny to tell them. Chandi says please say. Anji also requests. Binnys says fine and says that one. Eshu asks how did she go. Binny says it does not stick to walls of the box like flour and cornflour. Eshu says wow awesome and goes to take. It falls on Eshu and they laugh.

Mamta and LN come and see them. Chandi says we were making surprise cake for Dabbu, as his boss

will give her news reading chance by seeing the audition. They all say sorry to Mamta. Mamta laughs and says see when mum is not included in plan, I will make cake for Dabbu now. They hug. Dabbu comes home. Mamta and everyone surprise her with the cake. Dabbu turns and the cake falls. Dabbu says I m sorry, why this cake. Mamta says your boss would have given chance to read news, so we gave this surprise. Dabbu hugs her and says sorry.

Dabbu says everything went wrong, the camera moved and the video had just my voice. Anji saks why does this happen with her. Dabbu says even I m thinking this. Mamta thinks about Chandi and talks to LN. She says Dabbu’s boss and here Chandi’s problem, how can love get arranged. He says I think we did not understand her. She says yes, if we don’t understand, how can others understand. Anji hears them and comes to talk. She says its not impossible to find guys for Chandi and shows matrimonial site.

She says yes, you can get any guy here. Anji says final decision will be Chandi’s. Mamta wishes Chandi gets a good guy. Dylan comes to know his bungalow is worth 8 crores and a builder is ready to buy it in 16 crores. The man says he will vacate the NGO people. Dylan says I m sorry, I will not sell it, its my house, the problem is NGO. Chandi writes her perfect match qualities, he loves her family, he cooks breakfast and serves her on bed, and gift her every week, one foreign holiday in a year. Dabbu says that guy should be romantic, if you get ill, he cares for you, if you get annoyed, then convince you by love, you wait for your call all night to wish you. Chandi asks is this my list or yours and they laugh. Mamta and LN look on and smile.

He says five fingers may be different, but when they unite, it becomes strength. Its morning, Dabbu looks upset. Mamta asks her to have milk. Eshu comes late and joins them on breakfast. Dabbu gets the lawyer’s call and does not take. LN asks her to talk. Dabbu says I have meeting. LN says go. She says now he is my boss and everything is complicated. LN says he wants to have kulfi, lets go. Chandi says Dabbu can’t refuse. Dabbu says I don’t want to. He says come, I will drop you to office.

He takes Dabbu along and plays a CD. He says you were different since childhood, who wanted animals and not any gifts. He says he is raising voice from animals and its big duty, if she loses, then who will support them, the one who tries never fails. She gets motivated from him and goes to meet lawyer. The lawyer advices her not to get in this court matters, as this will waste money and time, and Dylan is rich. She says go and tell him, I can also spend money, I have a job. She says she is getting late. Dylan comes and she stops. She says its good he came, but I m going. The lawyer asks her to talk to him.

She says her boss is rude and cheap man, if I get late, he will get reason to torture me. He says tell him you have imp work. Dabbu says you think he will believe this, you did not meet any one like him, he is not human, he is stone, with no feelings. Dylan says Miss Debjani. She says I can’t get late else I will lose my job, your lawyer said you are rich, I have just one job to earn which I don’t want to lose. She leaves and smiles.

She says yes, I had fun scolding him, and laughs. The driver sees her laughing in the mirror and gets worried. He stops the taxi and sees the car hot. She says then cool it. He says its car, not my wife to listen to me, get another taxi. She says how. He says I don’t know. She stands to take taxi and does not get. Dylan passes by and stops to taunts her, on what she said at the lawyer’s office. He says if she does not reach office, her boss will not leave her, he is also going that side, but his car is also rude, and can’t make any ugly girl sit in his car. She scolds him and he says there is new assignment meeting at 10am, else she will miss it, then no one will respect her in office, and its just 20mins now, reach on time. He leaves. Dabbu gets angry.

Dylan asks Dabbu to get out and finish her car, and come on time from tomorrow. Everyone smile seeing her wash his car. Dabbu reads news and hurts Dylan. Dylan scolds her and Aseem interrupts. Dylan asks him not to interfere in his matter.

Update Credit to: Amena

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