Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 21st September 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 21st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mamta hearing Dylan taking to staff about some news flash missed by their channel. She says she will later if he is busy. He says no, come sit. She gets kundli and looks tensed. She says this is Dabbu and your kundli, I have made this by taking your birth date from your mum. She says he does not believe in all this. She says but I do, Shastri ji always suggests us about kundli, Dabbu and your kundlis are not matching, Dabbu has risk. He asks with me, she can never have risk by me and I promise I will not let anyone else harm Dabbu.

She says we can’t change whats stars predict, you don’t believe in marriage, Shastri ji said Dabbu can survive if she married the man who has yog for having a life partner and cries. She says she believes in this as she

is Dabbu’s mum, she can’t risk Dabbu’s life, this relation’s end is not good, if you can’t marry Dabbu, why do you want to risk her life, I can’t tell this to Dabbu, she loves you a lot, so I have come to you, help me in saving Dabbu’s life. She cries and leaves. Dylan gets upset.

Binny comes to meet Malik at his home and sees his lovely daughter, asking him to make her ready for school. Binny smiles and makes her ready. The girl thanks her. Binny asks about her mum. She says dad says mum stays with Lord. Malik comes and Binny thanks him. The girl asks Binny to tie her pleats. Malik says comb is fallen there. Binny sees the home messed up and combs the girl’s hair. He smiles and says he will get tiffin. The girl says again same. Binny says she will make it yummy. Malik and Binny thank each other and become friends.

Dylan gets sad and recalls Dabbu. Jude jot ere khwab se……………. plays……………. He recalls Mamta’s words. Mamta waits for him. Dylan packs his bag and comes downstairs. He says he will leave, you are like my mum, you will not think wrong about us, I promise I will go far from Dabbu’s life, take care. Mamta stops him and says one thing more… He says don’t worry, I won’t tell anything to Dabbu. He leaves. Mamta feels sorry to Dabbu, as she has done this for Dabbu’s good.

Dabbu comes home and goes to see Dylan. She sees his belongings gone and looks around. She calls him and thinks why is he not taking call, did he leave home. Rajveer calls Chandi and wishes she talks to him once. Kajal comes to him and asks is he finding her. He says I have stopped finding you. She says I know everything, I know its because of that foolish girl, you have gone mad. He says yes, its time waste being with you. She asks why is he hurting her, he was mad about her, and they are married. He asks her to stop acting. She says love does not end soon, I have called and messaged you a lot of times, tell me you don’t love me, I can’t live without you. She hugs him. Chandi comes there and sees them. Chandi recalls her sisters’ words to talk to Rajveer once. She thinks many times its right whats seen.

Dylan sees Dabbu’s pic and gets sad. Neend ud jaye………….plays…………. Dabbu comes to his home. She asks why did he come back to his home, it was all fine in morning, they were discussing how to spend their day, what happened, did Mamta say anything. LN and I can take to Mamta. He says no, I realized I can’t stay in one relation, I feel we are wasting time being together, I can’t marry you. She gets stunned. He says I m sorry, I think its over now. She cries.

She asks what did he say. Everyone likes him, why did he get negative, they can sort the problem. He says there is nothing to talk on this matter. He turns and cries. He says he wants freedom, so its all over now. He asks her to leave now, as there is nothing to talk now. She says fine, I m going, I will never come back again. She says mum always thought this relation won’t work, she was so sure, I m mad to think everything will be fine, I was so wrong. I will not cry for you, you don’t deserve me, you are a selfish man, this is not commitment phobia, its called being characterless, you will never see my face. She leaves. He thinks how to tell her how much he loves her, but he is helpless, his love is not more than her life.

Dylan hugs Juliet and asks her not to call anyone. Dylan comes to take his office items. Dabbu says she has sent his belongings to office. Dabbu cries sitting in darkness. Mamta looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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